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Optical Tracking Solutions for Medical Applications

Atracsys offers innovative optical tracking systems that create opportunities for integration into recent developments in the medical field.


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For over 15 years, Atracsys has designed, developed and manufactured optical tracking systems for integration into computer assisted applications whilst supporting continuous research and innovation by also providing development support for the customer tailored projects.

Our mission is to continuously innovate in the field of optical tracking devices and develop the most advanced solutions for each application.

Our vision is to bring the best support to companies and R&D teams so they can efficiently integrate optical tracking into their respective applications.

Our values are further outlined below:

The Atracsys fusionTrack 250 can detect and track reflective spheres, discs and IR-LEDs in real-time video streams.
The fusionTrack SDK enables access to data in real-time at different stages of processing.
The spryTrack 180 has two cameras designed to detect and track fiducials in real time.
  • Being at the forefront of innovation through R&D and improving our products for our customers and partners
  • Precision and technical excellence
  • Respecting our engagements with our partners and customers
  • Supporting you throughout the whole lifecycle of your project

Atracsys was one of the first companies to develop a dedicated tracking system for robotic surgery within the medical device industry in 2013.

Always at the forefront of research and development (R&D), it has since been offering innovative optical tracking systems that create opportunities for integration into recent developments in the medical field.

Precision tracking for orthopaedic surgery

Selecting the most appropriate trackers for your setup is key for successful integration. Atracsys’ engineers have conducted a study on the differences and competitive advantages of each type of marker fiducial such as the advantages and drawbacks of passive and active technologies.

Atracsys has also developed the Navex™ technology for applications requiring superior precision. We offer off-the-shelf marker solutions so you can test the technologies, as well as customised solutions.

Accurate tracking for spinal surgery

Atracsys offers reliable optical tracking solutions that can meet your needs. The fusionTrack family is perfectly adapted for applications such as spinal surgery, which require high accuracy, high speed and low latency.

The spryTrack family introduces new features to bring your application one step further, including wireless Bluetooth connection to tablets.

Custom manufacturing of tracking systems

Atracsys optical tracking systems are delivered with a clear software development kit (SDK) during the whole integration process.

Our engineers will provide the required support to integrate the tracking solution that best suits your application, including passive or active markers.

If your application has specific needs, Atracsys can offer custom development services for both cameras and markers.

Support and servicing

All Atracsys optical tracking systems are entirely designed, manufactured and verified in Switzerland and meet ISO 13485 medical quality system specifications.

Our optical tracking systems are delivered with an easy and comprehensive SDK.

Atracsys engineers will provide the required support throughout the process to facilitate integration.

Atracsys offers support that goes beyond a simple Q&A session. Our team will bring its experience and competence to help you define the most suitable configuration for your project, both for the camera and the markers.

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Route du Verney 20
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