To respond to your specific needs, Atracsys is developing and continuously improving two main ranges of optical tracking systems.

The fusionTrack family has been developed for over six years to meet the specific requirements of the robotics industry. The devices can be integrated as components in a complex solution or can be used as V&V tools for research and development or quality control.

The range is composed of two high-speed, low latency and high-accuracy products, the fusionTrack 500 and the fusionTrack 250.

The technical data flyers are available for download on Atracsys’ website and our team can advise you further if you have any questions.

To answer the new challenges in the medical field, Atracsys has introduced the spryTrack range of devices. The spryTrack 180 is extremely compact, slightly longer than a pencil and introduces wireless technologies to let optical tracking embrace mobility.

*Available soon

Atracsys is driven by continuous innovation and the spryTrack family will soon be completed by new models introducing innovative features. Visit our website regularly for news or contact our sales team for further information.

The development of a top-end system integrating optical tracking solutions requires the build a perfectly optimized setup, including the most appropriate tracking system but also the most suitable markers.

To help the integrators in the developing of the markers that best suit their application, Atracsys is continuously working on new markers technologies, as the high accuracy Navex (TM) reflective disks or autoclavable LEDs ecosystems.

We invite you to visit our website and contact our team to discuss your project and how Atracsys team can help you.