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Microfluidic Platforms for Automated Sample Preparation of Biological Samples for the Life Sciences Industry

AcouSort is an innovative medical technology company that provides novel microfluidic platforms for automated sample preparation of biological samples for the life sciences industry.


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AcouSort is an innovative medical technology company that provides novel microfluidic platforms for automated sample preparation of biological samples for the life sciences industry.

By using ultrasound, our devices can separate plasma from blood samples, fractionate blood cells, as well as isolate, purify and label cells, exosomes and bacteria from biological samples.

We develop and commercialise benchtop research systems, AcouWash and AcouTrap based on our core technology. The research systems address the urgent need for more robust sample preparation methods and are ideal for point-of-care (POC) assay development, as well as research within the discovery of new biomarkers.

With our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product AcouPlasma, we provide a unique solution for automation and integration of blood-plasma separation. With a small footprint and robust design, the AcouPlasma device gives life-science instrumentation and POC diagnostic providers the ability to integrate sample preparation into their devices, discarding the need for centrifugation. We are ISO 13485 certified, ensuring our OEM components fulfil regulatory requirements for use in Medical Devices.

AcouSort is based on more than 20 years of experience developing and optimising our acoustic technology and we are thus able to support clients with excellent technical and application support. AcouSort is also developing customised solutions for sample preparation and is engaged in collaboration projects with life science companies to provide unique solutions.

Blood-plasma separation, cell fractionation and exosome isolation

The technology behind our products is called acoustofluidics, a combination of microfluidics and ultrasound. The acoustic field creates a pressure field in the microfluidic channel used to control the movement of biological cells or other particles in the solution.

In our products, we use this principle to separate plasma from blood samples, to fractionate cells based on their physical properties or to capture and isolate exosomes and other nanoparticles from complex sample matrices.

By improving sample preparation, our products address a broad range of applications, from research on new biomarkers to the development of novel diagnostic tools for POC diagnostics and therapeutic processes.

Integrated blood-plasma separation for POC

The AcouPlasma concept derives from our proprietary process providing optical or physical access to blood-plasma directly from whole blood samples. With a small footprint, robust design as well as ease of integration into third-party instruments, the OEM module enables in-line blood-plasma separation, discarding the need for centrifugation.

The first commercial product containing our technology is in the development phase, together with an external customer. The ambition is to provide more than 100,000 OEM modules per year.

Cell wash and cell fractionation automation

The AcouWash research system uses acoustic forces to separate cells and microparticles with different physical properties from each other as they behave differently in the acoustic field.

The system supports a wide range of cell fractionation applications such as isolation of platelets, enrichment of circulating tumour cells (CTC) and other rare cells as well as washing cells from background contaminants.

With gentle and automated processing, AcouWash is excellent for sensitive separations and handling fragile cells with retained viability and minimal variation.

Assay automation: cell and exosome purification and staining

AcouTrap is a research instrument for assay automation and sample preparation of cells, exosomes, bacteria and viruses for a wide variety of downstream applications. The system operates on a standard 96-well microplate format and is automated and rapid, generating output samples with high quality.

Gentle sound waves allow the capture of cells/bioparticles, which then undergo various process steps such as enrichment and purification or binding reactions such as staining and antibody labelling. Binding reactions are enhanced by the acoustic streaming in the AcouTrap, reducing incubation times significantly.

Customised integrated sample preparation solutions for the life sciences industry

Our team are experts in designing and integrating our novel technology with third-party instrumentation for unique sample preparation solutions. Our sound-based microfluidic technology supports the integration of a wide variety of applications, ranging from blood-plasma separations to isolation of specific cells and exosomes.

We are currently working with several international life-science companies to develop customised OEM modules for sample preparation automation and integration to fulfil their specific needs. With our profound experience within our field, we are taking on new challenges and delivering tomorrow’s sample preparation solutions.

Sample preparation solutions for research and industry

We are committed to delivering tomorrow’s sample preparation solutions to researchers, life science and diagnostic companies. Our novel products enable more efficient research and development of POC tests, new diagnostic systems, as well as therapeutic processes.

Our vision is to use our innovative solutions to revolutionise today’s healthcare. By providing integrated and automated sample processing, we facilitate the development of a new generation analytical and diagnostic devices, enabling more and better diagnostics, faster.

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