Swedish medtech company AcouSort is now listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. As of 14 December, the company’s shares will be available for trading on Nasdaq First North under the short name “ACOU” and ISIN SE0009189608.

AcouSort has previously been listed on the Swedish stock exchange platform Spotlight Stock Market since 2017. The transfer to Nasdaq will strengthen the company’s ability continuing its growth ambitions.

“The listing on Nasdaq First North Growth Market is a seal of quality for both existing and potential customers, partners and suppliers. Nasdaq is a global and well-known brand that enables increased visibility on the stock market and makes it easier for institutional and international investors to become shareholders in the company. All in all, the list change represents better conditions for future value creation for shareholders in AcouSort.

“We have a very exciting time ahead of us where we continue to work on positioning the Company’s technology as a new standard for efficient and rapid sample preparation in clinical diagnostics,” says CEO Torsten Freltoft.

AcouSort is an innovative technology company with a high focus on products and solutions for automated preparation of biological samples for researchers and healthcare applications. The core technology is acoustofluidics where a combination of microfluidics and sound waves is used to separate blood into its components, to isolate and purify cells and extracellular vesicles in order to perform rapid biochemical analyses.

AcouSort’s adaptable technology addresses a wide range of applications – from biomarker discovery in basic research to preparation of clinical blood samples prior to analysis. Today, many clinical blood tests require samples to be sent to a central laboratory for manual preparation steps before they are ready for analysis. AcouSort offers a unique and efficient solution for sample preparation, allowing the process to be automated and integrated into almost any analytical or diagnostic instrument. This paves the way for a new generation of clinical instruments where patient samples are analyzed at the point-of-care, delivering results immediately. This enables faster diagnosis allowing for quick medical interventions and optimal treatment that has the potential to drastically improve the therapeutic outcome for the patient. AcouSort’s core technology builds on 20 years of research and development at Lund University in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, headed by Professor Thomas Laurell, co-founder and board member of AcouSort.