DYCONEX specialises in interconnect solutions for implantable medical devices, avionics, aerospace and scientific equipment plus semiconductor substrates and telecommunication systems. The company’s main market is the medical sector where it supplies substrates for pacemakers and defibrillators, neurostimulation and modulation devices as well as hearing aids. Among its wide range of capabilities and services are ultra-HDI circuit boards and cables, flex and rigid-flex interconnect, liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) solutions plus microfluidic substrates on polyimide and LCP for in vitro diagnostic solutions.


A management buyout from Oerlikon-Contraves in 1991 saw the founding of DYCONEX, which has over 35 years of high-density interconnect (HDI) printed circuit board (PCB) experience.

Printed circuit boards and medical device substrates

As a leading manufacturer of high-end, high-reliability PCBs with a strong focus on high-density interconnect and high-frequency applications, the main market for DYCONEX is the medical sector, which makes up 90% of its business. In this area, DYCONEX supplies, among other things, substrates for cardiac rhythm management, including implantable pacemakers and defibrillators, neurostimulation and modulation devices as well as for cochlear- and external hearing aids.

With its traditional strong focus on the healthcare sector, DYCONEX understands the characteristics and needs of medical customers. In order to prevail at the forefront of this industry, we progressively invest in key technological trends, first-class manufacturing equipment and our highly qualified and motivated workforce.

Multilayer HDI / microvia interconnect for implantable pacemakers, defibrillators and neurostimulators.
PCBs for hearing aids are a core expertise at DYCONEX. These highly sophisticated boards require multilayer ultra-HDI / microvia technology.
Organic microfluidic substrate for in vitro diagnostics is one of the unique selling propositions at DYCONEX.
3D miniaturisation in a pillcam is accomplished with a folded ultra-HDI rigid-flex PCB.

Our modern 65,000ft² facility, including a 6,500ft² Class 10,000 clean room, offers a highly flexible production environment that meets the market’s most challenging interconnect requirements.

Ultra-HDI circuit boards and cables, LCP substrates and hermetic substrates

Our dedication to the high-end medical industry is reflected in our peerless wide range of capabilities and services, which includes:

  • Ultra-HDI circuit boards for implantable medical devices and hearing-aid applications
  • Ultra-HDI cables for medical imaging equipment
  • Flex and rigid-flex interconnect for 3D miniaturisation
  • Liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) solutions for HF, hermetic and biocompatible applications
  • Microfluidic substrates on polyimide and LCP for in vitro diagnostic solutions
  • Six-sigma processes
  • Traceability and change management
  • Outbound logistics

Medical PCBs

The expectations that leading medical OEMs place on their PCB contractor go far beyond technological skills. For sustainability in the challenging world of medical high-end PCBs, suppliers must fundamentally make a full commitment to operational excellence, ensuring repeatable and reliable volume production, and compliance to strict medical regulations. Furthermore, effective consulting services on PCB build-up, design and materials are requirements to meet medical engineering’s challenging requirements for new-generation substrates. DYCONEX offers all of that.

HDI / microvia PCBs, ceramic substrates, and batteries and hermetic feedthroughs for implants

Moreover, DYCONEX is an integral part of the MST Group, which consists of five technology companies located in Germany, the US and Switzerland. This globally active group provides innovative products and services for medical devices, especially implants, and other high-reliability / high-performance industries. The offering includes, among other things, HDI / microvia PCBs, ceramic substrates, electronic module design and manufacturing, batteries and hermetic feedthroughs for implants as well as catheter technology.

Our holistic understanding of medical device manufacturing, our technological skills, first-class production, high quality standards and our cooperative team of professionals will put your PCB ideas into practice. For more information on DYCONEX, its services and expertise, please visit our website.