DYCONEX AG, an MST company, has made a major investment in the MXY2 drilling and routing machine from Schmoll Maschinen.

With this move, DYCONEX has made a further step in the development of ever smaller structures and meeting the requirements for even higher accuracy.

With contact depth drilling and optical registration, the machine achieves highly precise machining results with even higher process reliability.

Registration with the aid of a CCD camera allows corrections such as offset, rotation, shrinking and stretching. The machine comes with two separate vacuum tables that can be moved quickly and precisely along every axis with individual linear drives.

In this way, both accuracy and productivity are improved, and all process data is recorded.

This allows traceability of machining data down to each individual circuit board. The machine will be used primarily for the manufacture of flexible and rigid-flexible circuit boards.

These substrates have applications in medical implants that demand the highest level of accuracy and reliability.