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Renata Invests in Automated Silver Oxide Production Line

We live in a world where people are constantly seeking smaller, thinner and lighter devices such as headsets, mobile phones, tablets or wearables. At the same time, the need to be able to use electronic devices “wirelessly” is growing. Batteries have always played an increasingly important role in this innovative field.

Renata SA from Itingen, Switzerland, has been industrially producing batteries for many years and is one of the leading suppliers in the world market. To ensure the continuation of this leadership, Renata, as part of the Swatch Group, is investing not only in the development of new types of batteries but also in the optimization and automation of production lines for the existing range.

The latest investment is a fully automated silver oxide production line, developed by Renata and its team of engineers. This is the most advanced silver oxide production line in the world. The line offers many advantages, such as highly increased production capacity, flexible planning and full traceability of each individual cell by means on a unique laser engraved QR code. The silver oxide line can produce up to 240,000 cells per day and requires just one operator. The line includes a 100% mechanical, electrical and visual inspection as well as fully automated assembly, marking, and tray packing of silver oxide batteries. In addition, this new line is automatically readjusting its parameters in order to maintain the strict tolerances and technical specifications as required by Renata’s worldwide customers.

Customer satisfaction is one of Renata’s most important corporate goals. The market needs are constantly changing by increasing digitalization: Flexibility, cost-performance ratio, innovation and agility are among the most important success factors for securing future competitiveness. Digitalization plays a central role in this. With its new fully automatic silver oxide line, Renata reinforces its technical leadership in the button cell market and continues to successfully adapt itself for Industry 4.0.

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