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Thin-Film-Batteries: Extremely Flexible and Smart

This innovative type of battery is extremely thin and bendable, making it the ideal solution for new applications and devices that require a dependable, powerful and smart source of power.

High-quality batteries become more important in today’s and tomorrow’s connected world. Wearable technologies are a remarkable segment, witnessing significant growth, which can only deliver performance when being equipped with the right power supply. Reliable and high-quality batteries, which keep pace with the continuous miniaturisation, are indispensable nowadays.

For Renata, it is crucial to meet the growing demands and rising market needs. Last year, in 2019, Renata has successfully introduced the newest development: the primary lithium thin-film battery CP042350.

Renata’s primary thin-film batteries have successfully passed a 1000 times bending test with a bending radius of 25 mm. They also feature a low self-discharge rate of less than 5% per year at room temperature.

The ultra-thin 3V battery is ideal for the use in flat electronic devices since the thickness of only 0.42 mm is much less than conventional primary lithium batteries. Furthermore, thanks to its enhanced lithium-manganese composition, the energy density of CP042350 is as twice as high as comparable products on the market.

With a capacity of 28 mAh and an average weight of 0.86 g, this next-generation battery can be used in a wide range of industrial, medical and consumer devices. Potential applications are for example smartcards, smart textiles, smart packaging labels, smart wristbands and smart sensors. Our R&D department is already working on the rechargeable thin-film battery version, which will be launched during the course of the next year 2021.

Your benefits at a glance:

1. Ultra thin: little space requirement

  • Ideal for wearable applications

2. Ultra flexible

  • Ideal for bendable applications (like skin)

3. Compact design

  • Higher capacity density

4. High pulse capability

5. Self-discharge less than 5%

In addition to our standard programme, Renata can also provide specific custom-made solutions. Please feel free to contact us by filling out the enquiry form on this page with your requirements – we will be happy to assist you.

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