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Cables for Prototype and Small Batch Construction

Specialty cables for small batch and prototype construction

SAB Bröckskes offers a range of cables especially suitable for prototypes and small batch series.

Connection cables for the visible areas of devices are a special challenge for prototype and small series production, as individual requirements regarding numbers of cores, outer diameter, sheath colour, and grip need to be fulfilled. In addition, materials may not be available for such small quantities and cables are rarely able to match the specific colour of the device. Furthermore, remedy of single parameters often leads to high remainders, which generally cannot be used any more.

Specialised based on customised solutions and processes, cable specialist SAB Bröckskes offers production of special cables at quantities of 100m, with consideration to the customer´s requirements.

Unique highlights:

  • Small quantities are made in series production
  • A wide range of bio-compatible materials of the SABmed line, which are individually chosen
  • Corresponding certificates are available for the biological harmlessness in accordance with EN ISO 10993-1 (cytotoxicity in accordance with EN ISO 10993-5)
  • The outer sheath colour can be adapted to the design of the device and offers
  • a harmonious visual appearance
  • High flexibility, with a noble grip and no risk of kink
  • Also available as cable harnesses, on request

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