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Bio-Compatible Cables for Medical Devices

SABmed Cables and Wires (SAB) provides a range of cables to be used as a connector in medical devices.

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Connector cables for medical devices

SABmed Cables and Wires (SAB) provides a range of connector cables for use in medical devices.

With high-abrasion and considerable tear strength, the SABmed cable series is made of a bio-compatible material that is adaptable and provides a smooth finish. The company’s products have been approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and include an option for non-blooming.

SAB’s connection cables have applications in medical devices for electro therapy and surgery, as well as for dental technologies.

Flexible, easy-to-clean connection cables with non-sticking surface

SAB’s cables are flexible and reliable, typically having a long service-life. They are also easy-to-clean as they can be disinfected using a wiper or an autoclave. This helps ensure medical devices using the cables are adherent to US standards. Other beneficial characteristics of SAB’s products include bio-compatibility, a low-weight, and a non-sticking surface. They are also designed to avoid torsion if coiled by hand.

SAB provides custom wires and cables for use in medical industry electronics.
The company uses a wide range of materials, which include a UL approved product, a non-blooming characteristic, and options for high-flexibility and improved strength. These cables are designed to be suitable for all client requirements.
The SABmed S Ultraflexible is designed for applications where the cable is required to be in constant motion.

Customised cable connections for temperature sensors

Nearly every cable type made by SAB has been designed from special material SABmed, which was produced by Viersen’s special cable manufacturer SAB Bröckskes. These wires are bio-compatible according to EN ISO 10993-5, offering strong characteristics, with regard to notch resistance. They can also be offered as an interface for bus systems such as CAT5, CAT6, CAT7, RS232, and USB.

SAB is able to manufacture and design connection cables for temperature sensors using the SABmed S material. Personalised designs are available, matching the cable colour to the medical device where it will be used.

Cable materials for improved strength, smoothness, UL approval, and non-blooming

SAB offers four material options for its cables. The range includes standard types and dimensions to specialised wiring to suit client requirements. The materials that can be used are:

  • The standard material SABmed S Classic is selected for its high-notch and tear propagation strength. It is also flexible and robust, used effectively in a large variety of medical devices
  • SABmed S Ultraflexible is a premium material chosen for its improved smoothness. It offers high-mobility
  • SABmed S UL is a SABIX R med material range with UL approval. It is used for low-voltage medical devices
  • SABmed S Platin is a special compound of the SABIX R med material, which completely avoids the blooming effect. This means decomposition products do not appear on the cable’s sheath. This material is used for small quantities, especially pilot projects

About SAB’s manufacturer SAB Bröckskes

SAB Bröckskes manufactures wires and cables, as well as offering harnessing and temperature-measuring technologies. The company has more than 60 years of experience, with around 500 staff members.

The company is able to produce high-quality standard and specialised cables, manufacturing more than 1,500 custom wires a year to 40 countries worldwide. Each product is intensively tested to ensure a long service-life and certification to ISO 9001:2008. SAB Bröckskes’ environment management system is also certified to ISO 14001:2004.

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Products & services

  • Operation Tables and Treatment Units

    SABmed fulfils requirements of operating tables and treatment units, regarding patient positioning and user-friendly handling, with its wide range of cable solutions.

  • Laboratory Equipment

    SABmed offers a range of cables suitable for use in laboratory equipment, including silicone cables that have a high-temperature resistance of up to 200°C and a flexible performance.

  • Imaging Techniques

    SABmed offers cable solutions for imaging applications in the medical device industry.

  • Endoscopy

    SABmed offers cables for endoscopy applications, designed for a secure and reliable connection.

  • Electro-therapy Devices

    SABmed provides connection cables to the field of electrotherapy, for electric stimulation and/or magnetic flux.

  • Electro-Mobility

    SABmed offers a number of cables for use in electro-mobility applications, based on its experiences in the field of vehicle technology and battery-charging systems.

  • Dental Technology

    SABmed provides customised cable solutions for your dental applications.

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