SAB Bröckskes’ Industry 4.0 Cables and Wires for Automated Production

Industry 4.0 equates to flexibility, efficiency and digitisation. Due to the complete linking and communication on all levels of the production process, considerable amelioration with regard to productivity and flexibility may result.

Today, it is not quite clear how industry 4.0 in fully automated production will look like. Nevertheless, it is sure that a reliable transmission of increasing data volumes due to the steadily growing linking and communication of machine parts, even under the most difficult conditions have to be ensured.

As a consequence, cables for machine construction, robotics or railway techniques are subject to extreme torsional stress and very high temperatures. These cables also get in contact with different chemicals, oils or detergents.

In addition, the subject of longevity with respect to industry 4.0 in industrial sectors is of basic importance.

More than 70 years after its foundation, SAB Bröckskes presents itself highly innovative as an answer to the megatrends of digitisation and industry 4.0. The company presents a range of new industrial Ethernet cables 6, 6A, 7 and 7A that are not only extremely robust but also ensure a quick and efficient data transmission.

SAB is not only a cable manufacturer but also offers support in automation technique for example in the range of new communication systems for drive technology. Herewith, the individual requirements of the customer and the long-term experience of SAB as a manufacturer of highly flexible cables are combined in new products. The quick and flexible production of sample lengths is no problem at all.

The cable manufacturer focuses on two industrial gigabit Ethernet cables that are specially developed for the increasing data transfer in automation. Besides the world innovation CATLine CAT 7A RT, a CAT 7 A cable for robot application, SAB Bröckskes is also going to present a cable chain cable with UL/ CSA approval – the CATLine CAT 7 A S.

SAB offers a range of industrial Ethernet cables and wires of category 6A and 7A, including:

  • CATLine CAT 7 A RT – for robot application Gigabit Ethernet cable with UL/ CSA 
    The cable CATLine CT 7 A RT for robot application is suitable for rough industrial conditions in automation technique for example at high temperatures, pollution by oil and aggressive chemicals.
  •  CATLine CAT 7A S – for cable chain application Gigabit Ethernet cable with UL/ CSA 
    The cable chain cable CATLine CAT 7A S is suitable for rough industrial conditions in cable chains for example at high temperatures, pollution by oil and aggressive chemicals.
  •  CATLine CAT 6A HT – temperature resistant 
    The temperature resistant cable CATLine CAT 6A HT is suitable for rough industrial conditions at temperatures up to fixed: -90°C/ 180°C flexible: -55°C / 180°C.
  • CATLine CAT 7A DR reeling CAT 7A Gigabit Ethernet cable
    Our reeling CATLine CAT 7A cables have been developed for different applications whenever a considerable data volume must be transferred safely. They are for example used in stage technique of theaters, signal transmission and mobile trash rake cleaning or in high rack storage technique.
  • CATLine CAT 7A R – Rail CAT 7A
    CATLine CAT 7A R acc. to DIN EN 45545-2, is especially appropriate for rail applications. The cable fulfills the requirements on no flame propagation of DIN EN 60332-3-25 + DIN EN 50305 section 9.1.1 + 9.1.2 and is flame retardant and self-extinguishing acc. to DIN EN 60332-1-2

Special solutions for special applications

The production possibilities of SAB range from basic types and standard dimensions to special cables according to the individual requirements of our customers.

New productions are already possible for small quantities, which is especially interesting for small and pilot productions.


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