In May 2019, Sandvik showcased its wire and components at CMEF in the National Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai.

Visitors could check out some of its wire and component samples and the company was open to trying new alloys or coatings to meet the requirements of developers.

Sandvik is stepping up focus on customisable wire solutions for sensing and stimulation based on EXERA™ high-precision medical wire. At the show, Sandvik gave attendees the possibility to explore new applications for customised and co-developed EXERA™ high precision medical wire.

Application specialist of BU Medical at Sandvik Liddon Dell said: “Medical devices are becoming more intelligent and tailor-made to unique applications. We offer customers the opportunity to co-design innovative products that meet fast-changing expectations on stimulation, connectivity and safety.

“Customising medical devices is as important today as being at the vanguard of wire technology.

“Our team excels in both areas as visitors to our CMEF booth (5.1p19) will discoverOur customisable options range from stripped wire, multi-cabling and coiling to EXERAä high-tolerance coatings, as well as more than 150 different alloys and custom melts.”

EXERAä medical wire from Sandvik is made-to-order at the company’s production facility in Palm Coast, Florida, US, for a range of applications in neurology, cardiology and other areas. EXERAä wire has achieved notable success in medical devices used for controlling disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Dystonia.

In addition to co-designing and developing fine medical wire under cleanroom conditions, Sandvik offers OEM’s globally the ability to combine wire concepts in value-added components.

Head of BU Medical at Sandvik Gary Davies adds: “When you get down to wire diameters of .01mm, you reach the point where medical wire development becomes part art and part science. We are now expanding our capabilities with craftsmen who have a core understanding of needs and agility in the design process.

“As a strong design partner, our team can help device manufacturers aim for top quality products related to everything from glucose and temperature monitoring and FFR implants to next-generation pacemakers.”

The China International Medicinal Equipment Fair (CMEF) was launched in 1979 and after 40 years of self-improvement and continuous development, the CMEF has now become one of the world’s leading global integrated service platforms in the value chain of medical devices. Some 200,000 visitors and 7000 exhibitors from 30 countries were expected to participate at this year’s CMEF trade fair in Shanghai.