Sandvik’s medical wire and wire-based components delivered under the EXERA® brand, are suitable for orthopaedical, spinal, neurophysiological, electrophysiological, vascular and cardiovascular therapeutic categories.

Sandvik also develops and integrates metallic medical wire for devices such as glucose monitoring systems, cochlear implants and gastrointestinal (GI) units.

The company optimises the design process to decrease time-to-market mainly by starting the cooperation early in the design stage. It maintains a responsive and comprehensive interaction throughout the entire development process, from prototyping through final validation to create a highly customised process and product.

Metallic wire and components for medical device development

Sandvik produces medical device wire and ribbons in a wide range of materials, stainless-steel grades, MP35N, copper and nickel-based alloys and composite alloys.

Straightening wire is one of Sandvik's key competencies.
The EXERA™ ultra high-quality wires are a result of quality diamond dies. The company's in-house die craftsmen utilise a combined experience of more than 100 years to put the precise art of die making at your service. It’s this type of painstaking attention to detail that makes Sandvik unique.
Tetrode wire is commonly used for nerve stimulation research and making electrodes. Sizes range from 0.020mm to 3mm (0.0008in to 0.118in). Smaller and larger diameters can be supplied on request.
A key competence at the Sandvik Palm Coast facility is coating where the company offers custom formulations, besides traditional polymer and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coatings.
Sandvik precision medical wire for sensing goes through a rigorous QA process.

Additional medical and precious metal grade alloys such as platinum (Pt), platinum-iridium (PtIr), gold (Au) and multiple electronic grade alloys are also available.

In addition to manufacturing wire and ribbon with various metal and/or polymer finishes, the final product can be supplied in different forms such as helicoils or free-standing coils, stranded configurations, cutting to length with or without stripping of the ends. Other requirements for the final form are available on request. When wire is transformed into various components, they are sold under the trademark EXERA.

Ribbon wire thickness ranges from 0.013mm to 0.75mm (0.0005in to 0.03in) with aspect ratios up to 10:1. Larger aspect ratios up to 40:1 are also available upon request.

Round wire sizes range from 0.01mm to 1.0mm (0.00039in to 0.0394in) for most alloys, and other sizes are available on request.
Sandvik’s products meet the requirements of the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) 13485, ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001 and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001.

Coating and surface treatments for fine medical wire

Sandvik’s alloys, forms, thicknesses, arrangements and coatings provide medical device developers with multiple options. The material configurations used in EXERA wire-based components allow device manufacturers to automate production methods more efficiently.

The company offers alloy and coating combinations to meet client requirements, including preliminary lab-scale melting of alloys and experimenting with different coatings. This supports medical device manufacturers to refine products and manufacturing processes.

Sandvik offers surface treatments for its medical wire and EXERA wire-based components. Configurations can be electroplated with custom thicknesses of gold or nickel, and layered in polymer, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and multilayer coatings. The typical thickness is 2.5µm to 25µm (0.0001in to 0.001in).

Research and development services for fine medical wire products and components

Sandvik uses its expertise in materials technology to undertake research and development (R&D) activities to discover wire materials and enhance existing wire-coating combinations. The company works closely with clients to apply these innovative solutions to medical devices.

Sandvik invests SEK3.5bn in R&D each year and it has around 7,300 active patents.

As one of the world’s leading metal producers and metallurgists, Sandvik has strict control over its supply chain. This increases R&D advances and adaptations.

About Sandvik

Sandvik is a global engineering group with around 40,000 employees. Founded in 1862, the company aims to enhance customer productivity, profitability and safety through its Sandvik Machining Solutions, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology and Sandvik Materials Technology business areas.

With more than 150 years’ experience with materials development, Sandvik’s procedures maintain high-standard fine medical wire products and components. The company understands the importance of flexibility in the design process and it implements lean initiatives to increase quality and decrease variability.

Sandvik Palm Coast is a production unit based in Florida and a business unit within Sandvik Materials Technology. More than 100 people are employed at the facility. Produced fine medical wire and EXERA wire-based components are sold globally, utilising the footprint and logistics of the Sandvik Group.