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Safe and easy is the motto by which SCHURTER manufactures all of its electrical and electronic components.

After all, we place the highest priority on safe power feeds and the simple operation of equipment.

In today’s newsletter, you can learn all about our ESO 10.3×38 multifunction fuse cover, about SCHURTER’s latest acquisition and much more.

ESO 10.3×38: fuse inserter, extractor and cover in one

With the ESO 10.3×38, SCHURTER introduces a multifunctional fuse cover for use on printed circuit boards. The ESO 10.3×38 can be used simultaneously as an inserter, extractor and cover for fuses.

Designed for use with SCHURTER’s CSO fuse clips, and the ASO 10.3×38 fuse, the combination provides touch-safe circuit protection up to 1,500VDC.

SCHURTER acquires Danielson Europe

SCHURTER Holding AG has acquired Danielson Europe BV from Hydratec NV, Amersfoort (Netherlands). Retroactive to 1 January 2014, SCHURTER has integrated Danielson into its Division Input Systems and in doing so is expanding its territory into the Netherlands and Great Britain.

PSE EX: Piezo switches for potentially explosive atmospheres

The PSE EX 16 family has been expanded with versions measuring 19mm and 22mm in diameter (PSE EX 19 and PSE EX 22, respectively). In addition, the certification for the series has been extended.

This means that the PSE EX switches can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres containing air and other gases, and now also in industrial areas where solid materials are present as a fine dust that can cause an explosion in the event of self-ignition.

Overcurrent protection for power over ethernet (PoE)

Transferring power and data over a single cable is brilliantly simple and is already being used in products such as IP telephones. However, at high currents the risk of fire increases, meaning the electronics must be protected against overcurrents.

The USF 0603 chip fuse from SCHURTER is the ideal solution for this application, as are the USFF 1206 and the USF 1206.

EMC measurement service

SCHURTER’s team of EMC experts offers a comprehensive, professional measurement service for ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

We have four laboratories of our own and also work with accredited laboratories around the world. On request, we can also suppress interference in your electrical systems on site with our mobile measuring equipment.

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