SCHURTER is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products, as well as a PCB assembly service provider for the electronics industry worldwide.

We focus on components and systems that ensure the clean and safe supply of power and ease of use of medical equipment according to IEC 60950 or 60601-1.

  • Fuses: approximately 4,000 components – fuse links, resettable and non-resettable versions, fuse-holders in panel mount versions clips and block style in through hole and SMT-technology
  • Connectors: approximately 3,600 variants of AC power entry components, including IEC-connectors, power entry modules with and without line filters and distribution units
  • Circuit breakers for equipment: comprise approximately 5,800 components, including thermal and thermal-magnetic circuit breakers for equipment
  • Input systems: comprise approximately 1,000 components, includes keyboard systems, membrane keypads, touch screens, switches and pushbuttons
  • EMC components: comprise approximately 1,000 components, includes line filters for one to three-phase systems, impulse transformers, chokes driver modules

The broad product range suits perfectly for use in medical, measurement and test equipment as well as for other industrial electronic devices. The excellent image and the well-established brand name of SCHURTER mean successful cooperation with all partners.


This range contains fuse links and fuse-holders for appliances for rated currents from 0.25A up to 16A. The fuses are separated within resettable, non-resettable fuses and telecom fuses. Fuse-holders are available closed for front panel mounting and open or closed for PCB mounting.

The strategic business unit fuses focuses on resettable and non-resettable fuses as well as on fuse holders, both for discrete and SMD mounting style.
The strategic business unit connectors encloses appliance connectors according IEC 60320-1 and related power entry devices with wired components as switches, fuse holders, voltage selectors and or line filters for attenuating electro magnetic interference.
The strategic business unit circuit breakers for equipment focus on over-current and under-voltage protection with thermal and hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers.
The business unit input systems contain switches, push buttons, vandal proof keypads, tactile input systems based on foils and touch screens.
The business unit EMC contains line filters for three phase systems, pulse transformers chokes and driver modules.

Fuse links and fuse-holders are available for discrete as well as for SMD mounting style and are suitable packed for automated assembling.


The assortment of connectors contains connectors and plugs and power entry modules according IEC 60320-1 for rated currents of 2.5A up to 25A @ 125VAC respectively 250VAC. The power entry modules are based on the mentioned connectors and enclose already wired components as switch, fuse-holders, voltage selectors and/or line filters.

The line filters support electro-magnetical compatibility (EMC) according IEC 60939. Line filters are also available for chassis mounting. They are designed for rated currents from 0.5A up to 30A at the mentioned voltage for AC and DC sources.

All mentioned product suits perfectly for appliances according IEC 60950 and meet the medical filter standards IEC 60601-1 respectively UL544.


The thermal and magnetic hydraulic circuit breakers for equipment are designed as over current protection for appliance according IEC 60950. They are all resettable and available for one, two, three and even more poles. The hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers are less sensitive to environmental temperature than the thermic types. Additional accessory as under voltage protection modules, diverse actuators and IP56 covers are available.


The input systems contain switches, push buttons, vandal proof keypads, tactile input systems based on membranes and touch screens. The push buttons and the metallic keypads are specially designed for harsh environment. The membrane input systems are customer driven and can be offered together with the touch screens as complete input devices.


The EMC product range contains line filters for three phase systems from 1A to 1,000A. A standard range will be available for common applications while specific design is offered upon requirement. The chokes and the pulse transformers support the power quality of different power supply within the same range. The control of semiconductor power bridges will be supported by the offered power stage driver modules to assure galvanic separated operation of control and power circuit.


Thousands of industrial partners through out the world rely on the years of expertise and highly innovative capacity of SCHURTER. A vast network of industrial agencies and distributors in virtually every place of the globe ensures a global market presence and a continuous open dialogue with customers.

Product availability, distribution and approval information is offered on the SCHURTER website, as well as additional design information, supported product selection, and application information.