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SCHURTER Electronic Components

Fuses, Connectors, Circuit Breakers, Input Systems and EMC Components

Werkhofstrasse 8 - 12,
PO Box,
CH-6002 Lucerne,

SCHURTER is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products, as well as a PCB assembly service provider for the electronics industry worldwide.

We focus on components and systems that ensure the clean and safe supply of power and ease of use of medical equipment according to IEC 60950 or 60601-1.

  • Fuses: approximately 4,000 components – fuse links, resettable and non-resettable versions, fuse-holders in panel mount versions clips and block style in through hole and SMT-technology
  • Connectors: approximately 3,600 variants of AC power entry components, including IEC-connectors, power entry modules with and without line filters and distribution units
  • Circuit breakers for equipment: comprise approximately 5,800 components, including thermal and thermal-magnetic circuit breakers for equipment
  • Input systems: comprise approximately 1,000 components, includes keyboard systems, membrane keypads, touch screens, switches and pushbuttons
  • EMC components: comprise approximately 1,000 components, includes line filters for one to three-phase systems, impulse transformers, chokes driver modules

The broad product range suits perfectly for use in medical, measurement and test equipment as well as for other industrial electronic devices. The excellent image and the well-established brand name of SCHURTER mean successful cooperation with all partners.


This range contains fuse links and fuse-holders for appliances for rated currents from 0.25A up to 16A. The fuses are separated within resettable, non-resettable fuses and telecom fuses. Fuse-holders are available closed for front panel mounting and open or closed for PCB mounting.

Fuse links and fuse-holders are available for discrete as well as for SMD mounting style and are suitable packed for automated assembling.


The assortment of connectors contains connectors and plugs and power entry modules according IEC 60320-1 for rated currents of 2.5A up to 25A @ 125VAC respectively 250VAC. The power entry modules are based on the mentioned connectors and enclose already wired components as switch, fuse-holders, voltage selectors and/or line filters.

The line filters support electro-magnetical compatibility (EMC) according IEC 60939. Line filters are also available for chassis mounting. They are designed for rated currents from 0.5A up to 30A at the mentioned voltage for AC and DC sources.

All mentioned product suits perfectly for appliances according IEC 60950 and meet the medical filter standards IEC 60601-1 respectively UL544.


The thermal and magnetic hydraulic circuit breakers for equipment are designed as over current protection for appliance according IEC 60950. They are all resettable and available for one, two, three and even more poles. The hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers are less sensitive to environmental temperature than the thermic types. Additional accessory as under voltage protection modules, diverse actuators and IP56 covers are available.


The input systems contain switches, push buttons, vandal proof keypads, tactile input systems based on membranes and touch screens. The push buttons and the metallic keypads are specially designed for harsh environment. The membrane input systems are customer driven and can be offered together with the touch screens as complete input devices.


The EMC product range contains line filters for three phase systems from 1A to 1,000A. A standard range will be available for common applications while specific design is offered upon requirement. The chokes and the pulse transformers support the power quality of different power supply within the same range. The control of semiconductor power bridges will be supported by the offered power stage driver modules to assure galvanic separated operation of control and power circuit.


Thousands of industrial partners through out the world rely on the years of expertise and highly innovative capacity of SCHURTER. A vast network of industrial agencies and distributors in virtually every place of the globe ensures a global market presence and a continuous open dialogue with customers.

Product availability, distribution and approval information is offered on the SCHURTER website, as well as additional design information, supported product selection, and application information.


Safe and easy is the motto by which SCHURTER manufactures all of its electrical and electronic components.

SCHURTER Acquires Danielson Europe

SCHURTER Holding has acquired Danielson Europe from Hydratec, Amersfoort. Retroactive to 1 January 2014, SCHURTER has integrated that company into its division input systems and in doing so is expanding its territory into the Netherlands and UK.

Compact Power Connector is Now V-Lock Compatible

SCHURTER is pleased to announce, that its compact KEA series power entry module, with 1- or 2-pole fuseholder, now mates with V-Lock cord sets. The KEA's new V-Lock compatible feature prevents unintended disconnection of the power from the equipment.

SCHURTER Newsletter

'Safe and easy' is the motto that SCHURTER manufactures all its electrical and electronic components with, because a safe supply of power and an easy operation of equipment are of paramount importance.

SCHURTER at COMPAMED in Düsseldorf

SCHURTER is to exhibit is products at the forthcoming COMPAMED international trade fair for suppliers to the medical sector, which will take place from 20-22 November in D&uum;sseldorf, Germany.

PCI Systems for Industrial Applications

The PCI panels (Projected Capacitive Input Systems) multi-touch from SCHURTER comply with the EMC standards for industrial applications. The front glass surfaces that cover the entire operating area on the front offer many design possibilities by rear printing and by selecting different surface structures and geometries.

FMCC SOL: 3-Phase High-Current Filter

SCHURTER is expanding its successful FMER SOL DC filter with a series for applications using 3-phase AC. The new FMCC SOL high-performance filter series is designed for rated currents from 150A to 2,500A.

UMF 250: Compact SMD Fuse

SCHURTER is expanding its successful UMF 250 SMD fuse series with nine additional rated currents. With this extension, the series is now complete with rated currents ranging from 500mA to 10A.

SCHURTER Introduces Hospital-Grade V-Lock Cordsets

SCHURTER expands on its standard range of V-Lock power cords to include two types designed to ensure patient safety in critical medical and dental applications. The plug end of the cordset is stamped with a green dot, indicating that it meets the rigors of UL 817 testing. The solid pin construction and extra-safe wiring are visible through the plug's transparent material.

Compact Filtered Inlet for High Ambient Temperatures

Given the high levels of integration in electronic systems, the demand for electrical components for use in higher temperature environments is continually increasing. This is where the new C22F appliance inlet and filter fills a gap. The first product of its type on the market performs exceptionally well in applications with higher ambient temperatures.

Compact Filtered Inlet Boasts Maximum Attenuation

SCHURTER's latest 5123 series filtered inlet adds filter performance to the already successful standard version 5120 series. The higher attenuation in the same compact dimensions is designed to meet the continually increasing demands for interference suppression of IT, medical, test and measurement and industrial equipment.

Circuit Breaker with Antibacterial Cover

SCHURTER now offers its popular TA35 thermal circuit breaker with a new antibacterial protective cover. This allows the TA35 to be used in applications designed to thwart the spread of bacteria, such as equipment used in medical and laboratory facilities, as well as food production plants.

Compact Two-Stage EMI Line Filter for One-Phase Systems

SCHURTER expands its family of EMI-Line Filters for one phase systems with a new and compact high-end filter series, called the FMBB NEO. Three variations of two-stage filter designs allow a specific selection of FMBB NEO filter products for efficient EMI solutions.

V-Lock: Plug-Retention Safeguard for Power Cords

The V-Lock system from SCHURTER prevents unintentional unplugging of power cords on equipment. A variety of power sockets, Power Entry Modules (PEMs) and numerous country-specific power cords can be supplied as part of this system, and now also in white. Also available are power cords with V-Lock that conform to the 'American Hospital Grade

Multi-Touch Input System with Glass Surface

SCHURTER presents its projected capacitive technology. With the new PCI (Projected Capacitive Input) touch-screen technology, SCHURTER is expanding its family of input systems with glass surfaces that cover the entire operating area on the front.

SCHURTER Introduces V-Lock Locking System for IEC-Appliance Couplers

The V-Lock system by SCHURTER is an attractive and simple solution to prevent an unintentional unplugging. Various different connectors, power entry modules and several country-specific power cables are available with this option. The V-Lock locking system can be used for 10A and 16A po

SCHURTER Presents New DC Filter Series FMER SOL

SCHURTER presents its new standard DC filter series FMER SOL, which is suited for use on the DC side of the inverter in photovoltaic systems and other DC systems. Modern solar inverters that use MPP (maximum power point) trackers generate disturbances into both the grid's AC power line,

SCHURTER Extends Current Ratings for Industry’s 250VAC SMD Fuse UMZ 250

SCHURTER has extended the current rating of the successful 250VAC, IEC time-lag sub miniature SMD fuse UMZ 250. This SMD fuse with clip is now available in 18 different current ratings from 80mA to 4A. The UMZ 250 offers time-lag t-characteristic according to IEC 60127-4 and is a univer

SCHURTER Introduces EMC Filters for DIN Rail Mounting

SCHURTER, a leading innovator and manufacturer of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products, expands its filter product portfolio, introducing EMC filters for DIN rail mounting series: FMAB-RAIL and FMBB-RAIL for one-phase systems, FMAC-RAIL for three-phase systems and F

SCHURTER Introduces Compact Two-Stage EMI-Line Filter

SCHURTER has expanded its family of EMI-line filters for one-phase systems with a new and compact high-end filter series called the FMBB NEO. Three variations of two-stage filter designs allow a specific selection of FMBB NEO filter products for efficient EMI solutions. The new FMBB NE

SCHURTER Expands its ECO-Designed Filtered IEC Inlet Family

SCHURTER's IEC C14 inlet with EMI filter, series 5120 ECO design, meets the increasing demands of IT, medical and industrial appliances. The existing panel mount version is now available with flexible wire leads in addition to quick connect and solder terminals. A PCB mount version is also newly

SCHURTER’s Filtered DC Power Entry Module Meets Tough Demands for EMC

SCHURTER has extended its ECO filtered power entry module for DC applications, series 5003, with a newly added PCB mount version, with flexible wires to provide easy installation, cost savings and maximum performance in a lightweight and environmentally friendy compact package. Applications are i

SCHURTER Extends its Range of DKFP Current-Compensated Chokes

SCHURTER has extended its range of DKFP current-compensated chokes and now offers rated currents from 300mA to 10A. The DKFP chokes series now covers inductance values from 1mH to 100mH. The rated voltage of the DKFP compensated chokes is 250VAC. The chokes are designed for temperatures

SCHURTER Introduces Power Line Filters

SCHURTER has expanded its filter product portfolio, introducing power line filter series FMBC NEO for three-phase systems and FMBD NEO for three-phase systems with neutral. The FMBC NEO three-phase filters are arranged for use with three 277VAC/480VAC and three 300VAC/520VAC insta

Schurter Introduces New Piezo Switch for Application in Explosive Facilities

The piezo switch from Schurter has achieved approval according to ATEX class II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4. This approval enables the switch to be employed in explosive facilities above ground. The protection class refers to the permissible application in areas where an explosive atmosphere can arise from

Fuse 1206 Footprint Offers Low Current Ratings in Compact Design

Schurter introduces the new USFF 1206 fuses with super-quick-acting characteristic for low current applications. The new product extends the current range of the successful USF 1206 for lower ratings ranging from 160mA to 250mA. The wire bonded fuse offers extremely low impedance value

Schurter Introduces Circuit Breaker with Rotary Knob Actuation

Schurter introduces an additional actuator to its exisiting and successful TA35 circuit breaker series. This new actuator provides a grip and turn style knob, which is ideal for switching with gloves or where longer feedback is desired. The design allows for customer specific colored faceplates a

Compact Thermal Circuit Breaker Spots with Factory-Mounted Protection Cover

Schurter introduces new protection covers for its popular TA35 series circuit breaker for equipment. The two-pole circuit breaker is now available with factory-mounted covers in addition to its range of covers supplied separate for customer installation. Cover options include transparent cover wi

Over-Current Protection for Primary and Secondary Circuits

In niche markets with limited space, customers might look for a solution where SMD fuses should be replacable without soldering. For this reason the successful standard UMT 250 has been extended with a clip option. The UMZ 250 offers time-lag characteristic according to IEC 60127-4 and

SCHURTER Introduces New Compact Power Entry Module for PCB Mounting

DA22, SCHURTER's latest power entry module (PEM), is compact and provides maximum electrical power density. The unit offers optimal EMC filter performance, features built-in overload protection and ensures resource-saving mounting. The DA22 product line, specifically designed for PCB mo

Parametric Search for Mating IEC 60320 Connectors from SCHURTER

Thanks to SCHURTER's parametric search for mating IEC 60320 connectors, finding the perfect power supply connection solution for your appliance is a fast and flexible procedure. Searching for suitable equipment connectors (appliance couplers) basically means selecting the connector para

Components and Solutions for Medical Technology

SCHURTER is a leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products. The company focus is on components and systems that ensure the clean and safe supply of power and ease of use of medical equipment according to IEC 60950 or 60601-

New Metal Switch with Ceramic Surface from SCHURTER

The new MSM CS metal switch from SCHURTER is equipped with an actuator made of highly durable ceramic. Ceramic is a new technology employed in the production of an electro-mechanical switch. The new switch provides novel features that open up entirely new areas of application. The actuator materi

Surge Protection for Primary and Secondary Power Supplies

To add a third protective element to fuses and filters, SCHURTER now also offers overvoltage protection components, thereby making it possible for users to obtain all components required for the electrical protection of their electronic appliances from one source. SCHURTER now offers ra

SCHURTER Piezo Keypads – Resistent to Extreme Conditions

With the new piezo keypads, SCHURTER provides key panels that are impervious to all kinds of dirt and fluids. The keypads are particularly suitable for use in outdoor applications due to their ability to resist extreme ambient conditions such as negative temperatures, ice and snow. The keypads fu

Change in Senior Management at SCHURTER AG Lucerne

Ralph Müller succeeds Anton Lauber as CEO in senior management at SCHURTER in Lucerne, a manufacturer of electronic components. Thus, a seasoned production specialist assumes CEO duties at SCHURTER in Lucerne. His predecessor, Anton Lauber, has been named head of the components division worl

Closing 2008 – The SCHURTER Group in a Turbulent Environment

The SCHURTER Group, active in the electronics industry, experienced two very different business developments in the year 2008. During the first half of the year sales remained on the same level as in the previous year. In contrast, sales dropped heavily during the last months of 2008 due to decre

Robust Switches in Attractive Metal Design

The vandal-proof latching action switch MSM LA from SCHURTER has been redesigned and is now also available with point illumination. For indicating the switching status or for providing visibility during night-time use, point and ring illuminated versions in red, green and blue are available. Diff

SCHURTER Wins the Golden Creativity Award 2008

An experts' forum under the guidance of 'Idee-Suisse', Business Development Lucerne and the Innovation Transfer Central Switzerland has rewarded SCHURTER for its professional innovation management. These three organisations encourage and actively support innovation activities in Switzerland.

Trendy Blue Circuit Breakers

SCHURTER's TA35 series introduces a new generation of Circuit Breakers for Equipment. The breakers are available in 1-, 2- or 3-pole arrangements and stand out through their compact form and attractive design. The rocker-actuating switch can be supplied either with or without ill

The Year-end Closing 2007 of the SCHURTER Group

Record sales – for the first time above CHF 200 million The Schurter Group, active in the electronics industry, increased sales by 13,0% to CHF 210,7 in 2007. Cash flow increased to CHF 17,2 mill. (+4,2 %) and profit amounted to CHF 7,4 million (–11,6%). The result achieved can b

Piezo Switches with Seal-Tight Protection Meet Highest Standard Class IP69K.

By achieving the seal-tight protection class of IP69K, SCHURTER is extending the spectrum of potential applications for its already tried-and-tested PSE family of piezo switches. The qualification test was carried out using a high-pressure vapor stream at 90 Bar and a temperature of 80°C.

Metal Switch with Double Pole Switch Contacts

SCHURTER's MSM metal switch series has been extended to include a version with a double pole contact system. The new MSM DP switch is designed with two separate switching contacts. The separate contacts can be used as normally open, normally closed or as change-over. The MSM DP is ideal

Single Pole Thermal Circuit Breaker

Fuseholder style circuit breaker now available in threaded-neck or snap-in rear mounting In addition to the existing snap-in front panel mount version, Schurter offers the fuseholder style, single pole thermal circuit breaker series T9 with threaded-neck and snap-in versions for rear mo

Maximum Functionality within Minimal Dimensions

DD11 and DD12 – compact power entry modules for safe power input The latest power entry modules, series DD11 and DD12, from SCHURTER are extremely compact and robustly designed. The excellent performance makes them suitable for nearly any application using detachable power.

Public Transport Switch

With the new PTS series SCHURTER fulfills the technical standards and requirements of the designers. Design and ergonomics aspects play a major role in today's public transportation world, the so-called functionality is not the sole decision criterion. The Public Transport Switch is designed as

Metal Pushbutton Switch Offers IP67 Protected Contact System

Schurter recently announced the extension of its popular MSM series to include an IP67 protected contact system. This added seal protection increases the safety and performance of the switch in critical applications. For regular environmental conditions, the MSM contact system is protected by a s

Thermal Circuit Breaker Snaps-in As Easy As 1-2-3

Skilfully designed compact circuit breaker for equipment is available in 1, 2 or 3-pole versions. SCHURTER's TA35 series introduces a new generation of circuit breakers for equipment. The breakers are available in 1, 2 or 3-pole arrangements and stand out through their compact form and

New Sales Turnover Record in 2006

Active in the electronic industry, the SCHURTER Group achieved a very good result in 2006, it increased its sales turnover by 13.5% to CHF 186.4m. Cash flow increased to CHF 16.4m (+37.6%) and the profit amounted to CHF 8.3m (+91.5%). The substantial increase in profit is primarily due


Effective from 1st January 2007, SCHURTER Holding AG in Lucerne, Switzerland, manufacturer and supplier of electronic and electro-mechanical components worldwide, took over the Swiss company of TICOMEL SA, Mendrisio, as well as their affiliated company INTERELECTRONIK in Romania. With m

Filtered Power Entry Module with IP65 Seal Protection

5707 series – prevents particles and liquids from entering into the appliance. The new and first of its kind power entry module, series 5707, advances the range of applications in the area of detachable power. It offers an alternative to makeshift accessories often used to prevent parti

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