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PCI Systems for Industrial Applications

The PCI panels (Projected Capacitive Input Systems) multi-touch from SCHURTER comply with the EMC standards for industrial applications. The front glass surfaces that cover the entire operating area on the front offer many design possibilities by rear printing and by selecting different surface structures and geometries.

PCI panels allow the user to operate the system with more than just one finger at a time. Multi-touch technology, which is familiar due to its use in smartphones and tablet PCs, has been further developed for industrial use.

Depending on the size and requirements, there are touch sensors designed differently for integration behind customised front glasses available. Glass-based sensors are bonded in an automated, highly transparent UV bonding process, film sensors are laminated with a special lamination method in the autoclave with the cover glass. The bonding with a carrier plate or with housing enables a peripheral protection against mechanical stress on the edges and the panels are sealed according to the IP 67K protection class.

The PCI touch panels from SCHURTER offer accurate activation, are easy to clean, chemically resistant as well as scratch- and abrasion-resistant. The parameter adjustment of the touch controller prevents false activation caused by dirt or fluids and allows for operation with gloves.

By selecting an anti-glare and chemically-strengthened glass, the PCI touch panels are particularly suitable for use in industrial automation, engineering and medical technology.

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