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New Values of Rated Current for the UMT-H, the SMD Fuse with the High-Breaking Capacity


SCHURTER is expanding the successful UMT-H series of SMD fuses with 13 additional rated currents.

The expanded series, which covers rated currents between 160mA and 10A, will now protect an even broader range of applications.

With a rated breaking capacity of 1,500A, this compact SMD fuse is capable of protecting against short circuits, while providing reliable over-current protection.

SCHURTER now offers the UMT-H in a total of 19 rated currents between 160mA and 10A at voltages up to 277VAC and 250VDC.

The compact SMD fuse stands out with its high-breaking capacity of 1,500A at rated voltage. This key feature, among others, makes the square UMT-H a space saving alternative to classic cylindrically shaped cartridge fuses (e.g. 5mm x 20mm).

Besides a wide range of applications in power circuits and sensors, the UMT-H is particularly well suited for the primary protection of power supply units rated up to 277VAC. It is also suitable for use in the protection of single phase industrial appliances.

The high-breaking capacity of 1,500A, the spacing between the end caps of >10mm and the ability to be potted also make these devices useful in applications according to IEC 60079-11 that involve explosion protection. Examples include first responder equipment, industrial controls exposed to oil and gas environments, and lighting ballasts.

Features and benefits:

  • High-rated voltages up to 277VAC / 250VDC
  • High-breaking capacity (H) of 1,500A at rated voltage
  • 19 rated currents from 160mA to 10A
  • Time-lag (T) characteristics according to UL 248-14
  • Compact square design
  • No rolling away during assembly and soldering
  • Safe interruption at line voltage
  • Halogen-free and RoHS compliant

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