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V-Lock: Plug-Retention Safeguard for Power Cords

V-lock system

The V-Lock system from SCHURTER prevents unintentional unplugging of power cords on equipment. A variety of power sockets, Power Entry Modules (PEMs) and numerous country-specific power cords can be supplied as part of this system, and now also in white. Also available are power cords with V-Lock that conform to the ‘American Hospital Grade’.

V-Lock guarantees a power cord cannot be pulled out of a piece of equipment. With this system, the power socket is equipped with a pin that interlocks with a special notch in the plug on the power cord. The lock is released by pressing a finger on the disengaging lever. V-Lock is easily identified due to its bright yellow colour, a feature that makes it easy to identify this scheme from conventional power plug / socket systems. The V-Lock locking system can be integrated into power couplings in compliance with IEC 60320 for 10 A and 16 A rated current. Advantage: no clamping system specific to a unit’s power socket or retaining bracket must be adapted and attached.

V-Lock is especially well suited for medical equipment, laboratory and analysis instruments, telecom and IT equipment, power outlet strips or equipment in TV or radio studios. V-Lock is available with black or white cables, plugs and sockets.

For medical equipment, SCHURTER offers power entry modules with a medical filter and fuse holder with increased shock protection. Power cords are also available that meet American Hospital Grade.

Technical features:

  • 10A and 16A IEC equipment power couplings
  • Power extension cables
  • Extraction force at least 200N
  • No additional expense for components or assembly

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