The hydrogen gas generating cell from VARTA’s microbattery product portfolio makes innovative portable automatic devices and systems possible.

The principle of a hydrogen gas generating cell is based on the build-up of gas pressure, which triggers the release or the transport of substances like liquids, gels, pastes or granules through displacement. It is safe, compact, portable, easy to handle and to control. Without any additional power source, only a resistor is necessary to activate the hydrogen production. Thus, the cell offers a “power-free” energy reservoir which can be activated and stopped at any time and used intermittently.

The gas is ultrapure hydrogen. The cell can operate over a wide temperature range and is in various assemblies possible. VARTA offers three products which generate typically 40cc, 150 cc or 300 cc of gas to elevate or dose liquids or gels.

The application is especially in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, industry, chemistry and cosmetics – for dosing and analysis systems or automatic drug delivery. The cell is also used in smart pills, which once again, underlines the extraordinary safety. A smart pill is a capsule which can be swallowed and provides diagnostic information and can administer a dosed medication at an exact place.

VARTA is the leading provider in this special electrochemical cell segment. The VARTA gas generating cells are mercury-free and produced at one of VARTAs production sites in Germany.