VARTA supplies battery solutions for medical device manufacturers to allow patients to live a more independent life. Our microbattery energy products are designed to help companies in the medical sector set new benchmarks.

The longing for freedom, independence and mobility has characterised the 21st century. Rapid technical advances are making many new developments and technologies possible.

VARTA’s optimal energy products are used to power devices ranging from healthcare products such as baby monitoring systems or digital thermometers, to products such as blood pressure meters, smart patches, insulin pumps and smart pills, as well as intelligent fall detection systems and hearing aids.

Primary batteries for medical devices

VARTA’s portfolio of primary batteries ranges from silver oxide, alkaline and lithium button cells to cylindrical and hydrogen gas generating cells. Built to the highest safety standards, our products offer low self-discharge rates and long runtimes.

VARTA batteries are compatible with paediatric healthcare products such as baby monitoring systems and digital thermometers.
Our solutions are designed for smart patches, insulin pumps and smart pills among other devices.
We design batteries for a range of dental appliances.
Our power solutions are suitable for ‘smart pills’, which can be used to measure gastrointestinal tract conditions.
VARTA develops batteries for use in Covid-19 antigen tests.
Our silver oxide batteries are compatible with a range of medical devices, including digital thermometers.
We provide power solutions for blood pressure meters, insulin pads, glucose monitoring systems and other medical devices.
Our CR2032 lithium cells are suitable for use in smart inhalers, which are designed to help asthma sufferers manage their medication.
VARTA’s power one EVOLUTION series offers a full selection of batteries for hearing aids.
We provide batteries for a range of fall detection systems.

These batteries are suitable for a wide range of healthcare applications, including smart patches, dental appliances, smart inhalers, Covid-19 antigen tests, smart pills, and many more.

Rechargeable, high-performance batteries

VARTA’s rechargeable energy solutions include nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion technologies.

These show significant charge and discharge characteristics with high capacity and top performance. They empower various types of medical devices, including implants and hearings aids.

Effective and high-quality batteries for hearing aids

In the field of hearing aid batteries, VARTA is a trusted supplier. Our batteries are developed with the aim of empowering better hearing in an inclusive society.

Available from 2021, the power one EVOLUTION battery range is already an established part of the portfolio. The batteries have up to 15% longer runtimes than standard cells due to their thin foil technology.

With VARTA INDIVIDUALS, the technology group from Ellwangen offers specific and individual energy solutions produced in industrial small series. These batteries are used for implants, and their assembly, as well as housing, can be tailored precisely to customers’ specifications of other medical applications.


VARTA’s company story is based on a broad and highly successful portfolio that has enabled many future-driven technologies. The product range includes microbatteries, household batteries and energy storage systems, as well as customer-specific battery solutions for a variety of applications.

Based in Ellwangen, Germany, VARTA operates in 75 countries across six continents. Fill in the enquiry form on this page to learn how our products and services can benefit your operations.