Medical applications require safe and reliable battery solutions with long service life, and sometimes they require special features. VARTA’s Alkaline IINDUSTRIAL PRO AA and AAA are the perfect solutions here. Users do not want to worry if their device still has not enough power when they need to use it – even if this happens only occasionally.

A perfect example for such an application is an insect bite pen. They help treat the itches and pains following the sting from mosquitos and similar insects. The application uses concentrated heat on the affected spot on the user’s skin, ultimately relieving the need to scratch the itching or hurting through activating body impulses. The creation of concentrated heat with the pen provides additional challenges for the energy solution used.

VARTA Alkaline INDUSTRIA PRO AA and AAA have the power and reliability needed for this application. Its capacity of 1270 to 2970 mAh at 1.5 V makes it strong enough to cope with pulse discharges. Long running times and low self-discharge mean it will be able to deliver whenever needed – even when a device like an insect bite pen has been sitting in the drawer in-between summer seasons for a long time.

For more information, please see our Design Study.