Cardiac arrests can happen anywhere. Therefore, you will find defibrillators increasingly in public spots or facilities. Applied fast and correctly, these devices can help save lives. For this, they need an energy source that is powerful, safe, and reliable and works under various temperatures. VARTA’s Lithium INDUSTRIAL PRO CR 123 A is the perfect battery for such devices.

During a cardiac arrest, the heart is not able to pump blood into the body. Speedy help is essential when a person suffers from such a condition. Defibrillators will stop abnormal heart rhythm by putting a strong pulse of electric current through pads on the chest of the person affected. This helps to set the heart rate back to normal and thus reactivates the blood supply into the body. This procedure can, in an emergency, even be applied by laymen using simplified, but professional defibrillators, which is why they are now widely found in various public spaces.

VARTA’s Lithium INDUSTRIAL PRO CR 123 A delivers 1,450mAh at 3V, can operate for more than 10 years depending on environmental conditions and energy consumption, and will work in a temperature range from -20⁰C to 60⁰C. These features give our customers confidence that VARTA cells will deliver the highest possible performance – and can help save lives.

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