In the current sustainability report, the technology company presents its company-wide sustainability strategy and agenda with the vision: go to zero.

For a battery manufacturer, a strong sustainability agenda across all company and production areas is crucial. For all our products, from microbatteries to household batteries and complete battery systems for the industry, we strive to minimise environmental impacts along the entire life cycle – from raw material extraction to end of life – in order to keep ecosystems intact and create a positive impact for society.

In the comprehensive report for the year 2021, the company has, among other things, defined six areas of responsibility on the basis of which its sustainability strategy is to be implemented. Five of the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations serve as orientation. These are: climate action; responsible consumption and production; industry, innovation and infrastructure; decent work and economic growth; affordable and clean energy.

In addition, VARTA also focuses on the further development of its self-defined sustainability efforts, which the company has been successfully implementing for many years. For example, over the years, it has been possible to achieve that, today, 92% of the electricity demand of the production facilities worldwide comes from renewable energy sources.

Herbert Schein, CEO of VARTA: “In the 21st century, all companies must ask themselves the question: How can we ensure that all our activities do not come at the expense of future generations? We have learned that resources are not infinite. We must ensure that we are working with what we have in a manner that is responsible. As a battery manufacturer, we have a particular responsibility in this regard because our products make a decisive contribution to the energy transition. Therefore, sustainability has always been an aspiration for us and an encouragement for our actions.”

Rainer Hald, CTO, adds: “For a technology company, sustainability means using all resources as responsibly as possible. This includes not only the raw materials we process. A company is only as good as the people who work for it. It can only thrive in a community that it cares for, in a world it takes care of.”

VARTA’s microbattery product portfolio ranges from rechargeable lithium-ion button cells to nickel metal hydride button cells, primary silver oxide cells, primary lithium button cells and cylindrical lithium batteries to hydrogen gas generating cells, as well as the primary VARTA alkaline INDUSTRIAL PRO batteries.

They enable a wide range of smart applications in the field of medicals: Covid-19 electronic antibody tests, smart patches and smart pills, security and monitoring systems, as well as smart sensor technology. VARTA’s microbatteries have exceptional runtime, low self-discharge, above-average storage and operating life, and resistance to corrosive environments.

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