Technology company VARTA and hearing aid manufacturer Eargo look back on a longstanding partnership. Their latest joint project: the Eargo 5 hearing aid with new functions and an even smaller design.

Eargo 5 is operated by a button cell based on lithium-ion technology. The innovative cell offers the highest energy density in the smallest space with a special form factor. It has a guaranteed runtime of more than five years. At the same time, the lithium-ion technology of the battery meets the highest safety standards.

The customised form factor makes the Eargo 5 even smaller and more comfortable. Its users can enjoy being able to charge their hearing aid more precisely (within four hours) and efficiently than was previously possible, while consuming much less energy. It will deliver 16 hours of continuous power.

The VARTA developers have adapted the design of the button cell to the special shape of the hearing aid, so that it disappears invisibly in the ear when worn and also offers the best wearing comfort. The performance of the Eargo 5 is based on the latest hearing aid technology and can be controlled by an App.

“We start every day with our vision of creating future battery solutions that enable an independent and fulfilling life in an inclusive society,” says Torsten Schmerer, General Manager Microbatteries, VARTA AG. “With the development process for the Eargo 5, our engineers, technicians and electrochemists have once again proven that we can develop batteries that meet even the most demanding requirements for the most modern consumer healthcare products.”

“VARTA has been a key partner for Eargo for over six years,” says Rory Pynenburg, Engineering Lead Power Systems at Eargo. “With Eargo 5 functionality, it became obvious that we would need more energy density; the switch to lithium-ion not only allows this, but also makes for a much more robust solution with faster, easier charging and a goal of supporting full runtime over several years. ”

In the interests of sustainability, the cell is produced on a specially manufactured production line in Germany. The Eargo 5 can be controlled via app and is based on the latest hearing aid technology.