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ARBOR Showcases the Best Medical Workstation

ARBOR Technology, a leading provider of embedded and networking computing, has launched a series of advanced medical workstations that are EN60601 and UL60601 certified and easy to implement at bedside or in the consulting room. They can be of service from the pharmacy to the bedside.

The integrated bedside infotainment and multiple operating ways, from setting them on the medical cart by mounting them with a smart clinical arm, to handheld operation, decrease inconvenience for the patients and help create a cozy ‘houspital’ environment.

Going beyond a medical PC

Compared with similar products ARBOR’s mobile clinical workstation is designed with an elegant appearance, sturdy materials, optimized battery management and rated at IP54/65. Our customization services include design and prototyping, board to system integration, manufacturing and mobile application consulting. Here is why customers prefer ARBOR’s eHealthcare solution:


ARBOR knows every aspect of medical computing requirements. ARBOR’s complete medical computing line ranges from mobile clinical assistant (MCA), mobile clinical workstation (MCW) and medical terminal to bedside infotainment. All can be tailor-made to your medical application and fulfill requirements of mobility, system integration, rugged design, antimicrobial surface protection, etc.


We know your mobile computing application deployed in various unexpected environments and there is no tolerance to operation failure. ARBOR takes great care in rugged design and component selection to ensure that our medical PCs are durable, lightweight, strong and easily cleaned using hospital-grade disinfectants to meet different medical applications for extreme system reliability.

Medical cart adaptability

All cables and wires are hidden inside the cart body, reducing the dangers of snagging or catching while on the move.

Smart medical computing

The considerate design characteristics of ARBOR smart medical computing are definitely your first choice when it comes to medical PCs. ARBOR provides a series of low-power solutions and professional ODM services to tailor any medical PC to customers’ specific requests to ensure the eHealthcare solution meet the needs of different healthcare professionals. For further information please contact ARBOR or visit their website.

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