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Rugged MCAs, Medical Tablet PCs, and Embedded Boards and Systems for Medical Terminals

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ARBOR delivers ideal embedded boards and systems for medical terminals and has long been providing successful solutions for portable medical tablet PCs, rugged mobile clinical assistants (MCAs), point-of-care (POC), bedside infotainment / monitoring / communication, bedside medication verification (BMV), nursing care-of-patients and home healthcare. ARBOR’s products adhere to the strictest medical standards and provide unsurpassed reliability.

Embedded boards and systems for medical terminals

ARBOR’s medical solutions are designed for the clinical environment and are EN60601-1-1/EN60601-1-2/UL60601-1 certified. ARBOR’s products offer the following features and benefits:

  • Powerful mobile computing, audio / video / conference capabilities and network
  • Ready for PACS / EMRs / POC / MCAs
  • Rugged, disinfected design
  • Multiple operating modes (on-the-go / docking station)
  • Multiple data retriever for clinical data capture
  • Long operating time
  • Fanless and low-noise design
  • Secure identity
  • Optimized patient care and clinical workflows
  • Bedside medication verification (BMV)
  • Communication with patients
  • Vital sign collection

Compact medical tablet PC

ARBOR’s Gladius G0710 compact medical tablet PC is a lightweight, plastic-housed medical panel PC. It offers a highly reliable platform with flexible mounting options and the longevity required by the medical industry. ARBOR provides reliable and rugged devices to help doctors treat patients fast and precisely.

With the GPRS, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication modules, medical staff or home healthcare patients can link to the world, getting information and sending clinical condition data to the hospital for further treatment anytime, anywhere. Features include:

Easy-to-carry 12.1in M1255/M1256 series with rugged, fully sealed, fanless design.
15in M1525/M1526 series with high-definition LCD module, rich expansion and speedy network transmission for data exchange.
Medical standards certified 7in Intel Atom fanless compact medical tablet G0710 with multi-connectivity.
The M1255 exceeds its MCA competitors with competitive edges including Atom inside, more powerful mobile computing, ultra-light design, a larger LCD module, and an easily cleaned and disinfected design enclosure.
The M1525/M1526 series full-featured point-of-care smart diagnosis assistant with high video performance and high resolution display.
  • 7in WXGA TFT LCD, Intel Atom Z510 fanless tablet PC
  • EN60601-1-1/EN60601-1-2/UL60601-1 certified
  • Compact design – ultra slim (36mm thickness) and ultra light (1kg)
  • Multi-connectivity (Bluetooth / WLAN / RFID / 1 x GbE LAN / optional 3G)
  • Ultra reliability / IP54-compliant enclosure, and ultra-long battery life
  • Multiple operating modes (on-the-go / docking station)

Rugged MCA tablet

How does the M1255/M1256 series rugged MCA tablet exceed its MCA competitors? It is compliant with the mechanical, electrical, ergonomic and software design principles of Intel’s original reference design.

The M1255/M1256 series provides competitive edges, including Atom inside and more powerful mobile computing, a rugged and ultra-light design, a larger LCD module, and an easy to clean and disinfect design enclosure. It is fully sealed, fanless and ventless, and the entire device is IP54-compliant, which means it is suitable for use in dusty environments. It is also water and dust resistant. Features include:

  • 12.1in XGA TFT LCD, Intel Atom N270 portable medical PC
  • Healthcare-oriented security system applicable
  • Redundant battery (internal and hot-swappable external battery) with long battery life
  • Slip-free grip for easy handling
  • Ultra-light (1.6kg with internal and external battery)
  • Multi-connectivity (Bluetooth / WLAN)
  • Multiple data retriever – RFID reader, barcode scanner, finger printer and audio / video recording
  • Automatically lock / unlock with biometric recognition
  • Multiple operating modes (on-the-go / docking station)

Point-of-care smart diagnosis assistant / bedside infotainment

The M1525/M1526 series is a full-featured point-of-care smart diagnosis assistant. It is equipped with a high-definition LCD module and rich expansion interfaces that make it suitable for all kinds of medical applications. As a diagnosis assistant, the M1525/M1526 series is helpful when doctors explain the prescription and patient’s condition, as it shows clear pictures, X-ray film or pathologic photos on the screen. The result is a safer, more efficient, paperless and film-free medical care system.

The M1525/M1526 series is equipped with gigabit Ethernet for high-speed data transmission. Doctors can immediately import patients’ records while diagnosing, and search relevant information by accessing the hospital information system (HIS). Wireless LAN (WiFi or Bluetooth) is also available if users want to eliminate the LAN cable. Features include:

  • 15in XGA TFT LCD, Intel Atom N270 tablet PC
  • EN60601-1-1/EN60601-1-2/UL60601-1 certified
  • Ultra reliability / IP54-compliant enclosure
  • Isolated circuit protection for all serial ports
  • High capacity Li-battery, long battery life
  • Multi-connectivity (Bluetooth / WLAN / GbE LAN)
  • Multi-expansion (U-DOM / DVD / mini-card / smart card reader)

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