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Improving Healthcare and Patient Comfort with ARBOR’s Bedside Care Platform M1726

ARBOR Technology has launched the advanced nursing bedside care system M1726 series.

Certified according to EN60601-1/ EN60601-1-2 and UL60601-1, the M1726 is easily implemented at the bedside or in consulting rooms as a point-of-care workstation. Multiple operating ways, from placement on the medical cart to mounting with a smart clinical arm, decrease inconvenience for the patients. The system’s integrated bedside infotainment functions help create a comfortable environment.

The M1726 provides a secure platform for clinicians with the hospital information systems helping to increase workflow management, reduce clinical risk and improve healthcare quality and patient satisfaction. The M1726, ARBOR’s latest bedside infotainment and e-healthcare station, features several thoughtful and elaborate designs.

Outstanding mechanism features

The M1726 supports low power Intel Atom N270 CPU and 2GB system memory. This is a fanless, noise-free operating system for better reliability and durability.

M1726 complies with EN60601-1/EN60601-1-2/UL60601-1, CE and FCC Class B certifications to ensure medical operation safety. With IP65 front panel and IP54 entire system spill/dust-proof designs, the M1726 is seamlessly protected from outside damages.

The M1726’s touchscreen and the programmable membrane keys are not only designed for ease of use. Patients can select wanted functions easily with the help of the programmable membrane keys or the touchscreen, both of which are easily cleaned with alcohol to fulfil germ-free requirements.

A slim all-in-one system

The M1726 series is designed as a slim all-in-one system to reduce the inconveniences caused by cables. The slim system reserves more working space for medical personnel and increases convenience when being moved from room to room.

In addition, the M1726 is compliant with VESA standard to be fixed with any proper installation accessories for easy implementation into any possible application in the hospital environment.

On-demand digital entertainment and communications

Users can enjoy enriched medical care during their hospital stay with bedside access to a variety of multimedia entertainment services, hospital information and communications services. All these functions are accessible via one easy-to-use terminal at the patient’s bedside.

Multi-function integrated e-service platform

The M1726 series is equipped with a high-quality 17in SXGA display with a resolution of 1280×1024 pixels and 380 nits brightness. As a diagnosis assistant, the M1726 series proves useful to doctors explaining the prescription and patient’s condition.

With dual gigabit Ethernet for high speed data transmission, clinicians can immediately import patients’ records while diagnosing and access for relevant information through the hospital information system. Users can enjoy wireless LAN, VOIP connection, internet surfing and other exciting activities with great flexibility.

The following features make M1726 a perfect nursing bedside care system:

  • TV-tuner
  • Camera
  • RFID
  • Barcode scanner
  • MSR
  • Smart card
  • VoIP telephony
  • Programmable membrane keys

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