Emulseo develops and supplies surfactant formulations for biotechnological applications of droplet-based microfluidics such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), screening, single-cell analysis and diagnostics.

With a repeatable and reliable quality, Emulseo’s formulations such as FluoSurf respond to all the essential criteria for these applications.

Droplet-based microfluidics is used for manipulating and controlling fluids. This technology has become a powerful tool for biotechnology actors and is continually evolving. Applications include chemical reactions, molecule synthesis, imaging, drug delivery, drug discovery, diagnostics, food and cell biology.

Fluorinated surfactant for droplet-based microfluidics

FluoSurf is a high-performance fluorinated surfactant specifically designed to stabilise emulsion in microfluidics, which helps to generate droplets for biotechnological applications such as digital PCR (dPCR), screening, single-cell analysis, diagnostics.

Emulseo offers neat or diluted fluorinated FluoSurf surfactant, delivering varying concentrations and quantities.
FluoSurf is available for a wide range of applications in various medical fields.
Based in Pessac, in the South-West of France, Emulseo was established in 2018.
FluoSurf is a high-performance fluorinated surfactant manufactured to stabilise emulsion in microfluidics.
Drops generation by FluoSurf
Fluorescent drops stabilised by FluoSurf
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It is biocompatible, stable, reproducible from batch to batch, leak-proof and has high purity (more than 99%).

This amphiphilic polymer enables the stabilisation of the interface between aqueous droplets and fluorinated oils, which gives highly stable emulsions with a broad range of monodisperse droplet sizes that can be easily broken.

Neat or diluted FluoSurf for reactions in droplets

FluoSurf is available neat or diluted in fluorinated oil and is ideal for carrying out reactions inside droplets. Users can efficiently contain hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules within droplets.

Chemistry within droplets, including polymerisation, gelation or cell lysing reactions, does not affect droplet stability.

Ideal for a range of applications such as emulsification, particle formation and encapsulation, FluoSurf is biocompatible and stabilises droplets at high temperatures of up to 95ºC. Additionally, the product has high droplet production frequencies and stable droplet formation of 1µm-300µm.

Surfactant formulations for drop-based microfluids

FluoSurf is available for a range of applications, including live-cell encapsulation in water droplets, biological assays, alginate bead formation, epoxy bead formation and polyacrylate bead formation, as well as DNA amplification, cell and microorganism sorted and protein crystallisation.

Other uses include primary emulsions such as those with water / FluoSurf and FluoSurf / water and double emulsions, for example, water / FluoSurf / water.

Emulseo quality and expertise

Emulseo is a French company based in Pessac, in the south-west of France.

Established in 2018, Emulseo comes from the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CRPP) where the founding team has worked on surfactant formulations for droplet-based microfluidic technology.

Emulseo aims to create innovative solutions for many issues, focusing on surfactants, as these are essential for the applications of droplet-based microfluidic technology and act to stabilise droplet interfaces.