Digiflow Systems Flowmeters are Now Available! - Verdict Medical Devices
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Digiflow Systems Flowmeters are Now Available!

The Digiflow flowmeters have specifically been developed for use in wide range of applications, such as (fine) chemicals, water treatment, agriculture, food processing, paper processing and other end-use/OEM applications.

The flowmeters come in different models which are suitable for single-use or long-term use. The flowmeter design makes it an integral component of systems designed for accurate monitoring or flow control of liquids.

Design Features:

  • Suitable for flows ranging from 0.07 – 25 L/min (.02 – 6.6 GPM)
  • Accuracy within 0.5%
  • Wetted surfaces and housing of high quality polymers
  • Low pressure drops
  • Ultra-low friction bearings yield long life
  • High chemical resistance
  • Turn down ratios of up 64:1
  • Infrared signal detection
  • Resolution of up to 65,000 pulses/L (227,100/gallon)

Digiflow Systems has been a partner of Equflow for a long time. Adding Digiflow Systems’ products to our portfolio will enable us to provide our customers the perfect fit for their flow process.

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