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High-Temperature (250°C) Load Cell Force Sensors

Strain Measurement Devices offers a number of load cell force sensors that measure ranges from 10g to 455Kg (1,000lb).

SMD Sensors can also operate over a wide range of temperatures. Through innovation and thoughtful design, SMD is now introducing load cells that can handle even higher temperature environments (250°C) while offering high accuracy measurements.

High-temperature ranges are possible because of SMD Sensors’ advanced thin-film strain gauge technology. Strain Measurement Devices offers some of the most cutting-edge technology sensors, resulting in specifications that other companies may not offer.

Sputtered thin-film strain gauges are immune to problems found with organic backing materials such as bonded foil or silicon strain gauges. The lack of adhesive on thin-film load cells means that elevated temperature operations up to 250°C is within reach for these devices, with no stability or accuracy issues.

Thin-film strain gauges are deposited on all of SMD’s load cell force sensors, as well as pressure sensors. This allows for a vast array of applications and capabilities to be completed through the use of a single, small and energy efficient strain gauge sensor. An example of the company’s sensors’ high-temperature capabilities is an oil and gas application, where precise sensors are needed in high temperature / pressure environments.

Directional drilling is pivotal in the oil and gas industry, technology has made directional drilling a safer and precise technique, and pressure sensors are a part of that advancement. To reach oil and gas reserves directional drilling is used to create wells at multiple angles, helping to minimise environmental impact. SMD Sensors worked with an oil and gas company to design customisations to a stock pressure sensor.

Custom pressure sensors are being used in these applications because of their high-temperature capabilities and consistent temperature performance all while providing highly reliable measurements with long-term stability of better than 0.1% per year.

Long-term stability on thin-film pressure transducers has been measured at better than 0.02% of full range output in an accelerated six-year lift test. Film deposition rate is approximately linear with input power and the rate may be slowed sufficiently so that very thin-films can be deposited by integrating low powers over short periods of time. As a result of thin-film deposition, high temperatures up to 250°C will not affect the stability or accuracy of SMD’s load cells or pressure sensors.

If you have an application that Strain Measurement Devices can assist you with please contact the company and its engineers will review your desired specifications.

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