Strain Measurement Devices (SMD) manufactures monitoring solutions for medical devices.

The company’s speciality sensors are designed to measure a wide variety of characteristics, including load, force, pressure, air and gas bubbles in tubing, liquid levels, flow rates and occlusion.

SMD also designs customised low-profile weight scales.

The A430 Ultrasonic Air-in-Line Bubble Detector accurately detects bubbles in a wide variety of fluids and tubing materials.
The UF32210 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Sensor measures the flow rate of liquids in flexible tubing.
SMD offers a sensor that integrates occlusion and bubble detecting.
The UF10321 In-line Ultrasonic Flow Sensor measures the transit time difference between upstream and downstream ultrasonic signals.
SMD manufactures sensor technology to offer stability, high-temperature performance, low-power consumption and design flexibility.
The Low-Profile Single-Point Load Cell offers low-power consumption for extended battery life.
SMD's miniature thin-film sensors can be applied to devices with limited space.
SMD's pressure sensor is a high-stability sensor intended for pressure transducers.
SMD's scales feature precision thin-film strain gauge technology.
Established in 1979, SMD is dedicated to manufacturing customised and standard sensors.

Load cell and force sensor manufacturing for medical devices

SMD designs and manufactures strain gage load cells and force sensors using an integrated design process to meet client expectations.

The company utilises a sputtered thin-film process in strain gage circuit production, which involves the sputter deposition of thin films of dielectric and resistor alloy onto metal components.  This process forms a molecular bond with the component and avoids the use of adhesives and associated errors.

SMD’s strain gauges are precisely configured using state-of-the-art laser-trimming technologies, which allows the strain gage circuit to be placed on a small surface area and enables clients to reduce the design footprint of their medical devices.

Bubble and occlusion sensors for fluid management systems

SMD manufactures accurate bubble and occlusion sensors for tubing and flow meters.

These are used in fluid management systems such as medical intravenous (IV) and syringe pumps, urology diagnosis machines, clinical chemistry and immune assay diagnostic machines.

The bubble sensors use high-quality ultrasonic technology to detect bubbles as small as 1µl using signal conditioning and dry coupling.

The occlusion sensors use thin-film load sensor technology to detect changes in pressure caused when tubes are blocked. This non-invasive solution is used to test whether valve manifolds are positioned correctly.

Flow rate management and fluid detection in medical devices

SMD’s flow and fluid management solutions provide accurate monitoring of flow rate and flow volume, as well as fluid type.

The ultrasonic flow sensors are available as clamp-on or flow-in configurations to collect flow rate data, totalised flow volume, signal strength and average speed-of-sound of a fluid. Speed-of-sound data can be used to detect and differentiate between liquids.

The FlowDAQ detects and manages flow rate and collected data can be used as feedback.

Weight scales for liquid volume measurements

SMD offers hanging scale sensors designed for intravenous (IV) bags. These scales can precisely measure weights from 0.4kg to 50kg.

A low-profile stainless-steel weight scale unit is also available with applications in cylinder weight monitoring in semiconductor critical gas distribution systems.

Two-part assembly pressure sensor

SMD’s small-diameter tubing pressure sensor consists of two parts assembled together. One part is a low-cost disposable flow module, while the other is a reusable pressure sensor.

The sensor can be used to detect pressure in tubing up to 0.25in in diameter.

About SMD

SMD provides monitoring solutions to markets in the US and Europe. The company has offices in Wallingford, Connecticut, US, and Chedburgh, UK.