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Disposable Critical Fluid Management Sensors in Pharmaceutical Applications

Strain Measurement Devices (SMD) has been hard at work engineering and designing new disposable sensors for each product line, offering contamination free and inexpensive, one-time use sensors to help you with the monitoring in your application.

One of these new products is the Disposable Noninvasive Tubing Pressure Sensor, which is made up an anodised aluminium electronic base unit sensor designed for panel mounted applications and a moulded plastic flow module with male or female luer connectors.

This low-cost, disposable flow module is made of gamma compatible poly-carbonate and a silicone diaphragm, which isolates the flow module from the electronic base unit. The flow module has an easy snap-on feature to attach it to the electronic base unit. This precise pressure sensor allows pressure measurements up to 30 psi with accuracies of 1.5% achieved.

The Disposable In-Line Flow Sensor is another new product. This flow sensor consists of an electronic base unit and a flow module with male and female luer ends. The flow module is moulded and disposable, as well as spring-loaded onto the base unit. It can be gamma serialized prior to use.

The Disposable Flow Module Unit is low-cost because there are no electronics located in the sensor, making it ideal for single-use applications. Sensors offer between 1% and 3% full-scale accuracies even at low-flow rates.

SMD’s final single-use sensor is the Noninvasive Capacitance Level Sensor. This product detects the level of a liquid inside the vessel from its mount from outside the container. The capacitance-level sensor offers an easy peel-and-stick attachment, allowing users to attach it to the outside of bags, plastic containers, glass bottles and ceramic vessels.

A unique power-on calibration feature allows users to attach the sensor to any non-conductive vessel for accurate detection of internal fluid volume.

SMD highlights a portfolio of mostly custom-designed sensors for applications that require certain OEM specifications. The company’s engineering team designs products for unique demands such as small size, magnetic resistive, nuclear resistant, implantable, harsh environments and overload proof sensors.

Let Strain Measurement Devices assist you in any of your application needs with either standard or custom sensors.

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