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Biopharmaceutical and Medical Hanging Scale

Hanging scales are commonly used for weighing materials suspended in the air in a variety of applications and in many markets, such as agricultural and industrial sectors, where uses involve attaching a bag or container onto the hanging scale hook.

The force of the container pulls down on the sensor, effectively weighing the load. It then displays the weight on the hanging scale for the operator to see. The industrial market often uses hanging crane scales to weigh heavy loads as they can withstand harsh conditions while also being in compact housing. A platform scale can occupy a great deal of space, while a hanging scale can be stored away easily because of its small housing.

SMD Sensors’ new W300 Hanging Scale works slightly differently than industrial scales as it is designed for use in the medical and biopharmaceutical markets, as well as sanitary environments. The sensor is covered in an easy to clean casing to keep the sensor clean and working reliably. A bag or container is hung on the sensor’s hook and can be continuously weighed.

The sensor can display the weight data onto a computer that hospital staff can watch to determine the volume of material in the bag. This allows nurses / hospital staff to monitor bag volume from their workstation rather than listening for a hospital room alarm. With volume information audible in real time, nurses can plan for convenient bag changes.

Strain Measurement Devices hanging scale offers long term stability and highly accurate measurements through using a thin film strain gauge sensor to weight the load. The 3,000 Ω thin-film strain gauge bridge provides extremely low power consumption, making it effective for battery use.

The W300 hanging scale is capable of capacity ranges from 600g to 10kg force. The special mount for the hanging scale offers overload protection. Therefore, if an excessive down-force is applied beyond the load cell capability, the design will prevent damage.

With seven specific capacity models and OEM customization options, Strain Measurement Devices is a leader in the sensor industry and has an in-depth background in the medical devices market.

Other design features can be easily incorporated into the hanging scale, such as an on-board display, visual alarm, Wi-Fi transmission and more.

Please fill out the enquiry form on this page to find out more about the hanging scale or for any of Strain Measurement Device’s other sensor capabilities.

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