Available as non-invasive or inline flow-through, Strain Measurement Device’s (SMD) ultrasonic flow meter technology provides industry-leading precision.

SMD clamp-on flow sensors offer a highly accurate non-invasive means of measuring flow in a flexible tube. Inline flow sensors offer even better accuracy, at plus or minus 1-2%.

Hybrid solutions combining the accuracy of inline sensors with the sterility and ease of use of clamp-on sensors are available.

SMD’s ultrasonic flow meter technology exhibits superior time resolution compared to its competitors, bettering the resolution of lower flow rates in medical, life science, laboratory and industrial applications. Available materials for both standard and custom flow sensors include engineered plastics and stainless steel.

When used in conjunction with its FlowDAQ® ultrasonic flowmeter system (designed for flow measurement in tubes, pipes and blood vessels), SMD flow sensors measure low-flow rates with exceptional accuracy and turndown ratios.

The FlowDAQ system can integrate the time-of-flight, temperature, speed of sound and signal strength parameters to determine flow rate, accumulated flow volume, viscosity, density and fluid identity.

The FlowDAQ system includes intuitive touchscreen controls and robust data export capabilities. It is compatible with most of SMD’s clamp-on ultrasonic and inline flow sensor models. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) versions of SMD’s flowmeter electronics are available.