Strain Measurement Devices (SMD) provides a wide variety of strain gauge load cell solutions, including miniature, micro and low-force load cells.

Its extensive portfolio of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) force sensor solutions offers exceptional long-term stability and accuracy, superior temperature performance, low power consumption and flexibility of design.

Building on its early foundation providing sensors for the medical device market, SMD has become a leading OEM-quality, thin film strain gauge force sensors and load cells provider that now also serves the aerospace, biopharmaceutical and semiconductor markets. Standard SMD force sensor designs are available covering a wide range of capacities from milligrams to 5,000Kg, with many models offering built-in overload protection via deflection stops.

Armed with 30 years of technical experience and a leading-edge thin film manufacturing process, SMD’s engineers can produce application-specific miniature and micro load cell designs within tight timeframes. These sensors can withstand the high temperatures, pressures and humidities of repeated autoclave cycles.

SMD also offers custom electronic integration support to OEM customers.