Technimount EMS (Technimount), leading provider of mounting systems for medical devices, is proud to introduce the Bracket Pro Serie® 35 – LP, a proven solution that secures the LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator during EMS and Critical Care Transport. A valuable addition to Technimount’s renowned product line that solidifies its forefront position within the industry.

Following the Technimount’s approach to flexibility and safety, the Bracket Pro Serie 35 – LP features a front handle to improve ergonomics and maneuverability; Its retaining frame features a tailored design that encloses the medical device and merges into its outline, distributing impact loads more evenly on the bracket and making it the most comprehensive mounting solution for EMS organizations.

Responding to the need of healthcare professionals for the best ways to secure medical devices during patient transport, the Bracket Pro Serie 35 – LP enables simple device installation and ongoing access to components and features; it ensures the safety of patients and crews during EMS and Critical Care Transport.

Technimount EMS recognizes the importance of safety and flexibility during EMS transport as these are critical factors to improve patient care efficiency. The bracket’s standard bottom disc makes it simple to fasten and remove the solution from Technimount’s Standard Surface Base. This mounting system is highly adaptable and can be installed in multiple configurations such as surfaces, stretchers, walls, and floors in emergency vehicles.

“The launch of the Bracket Pro Serie 35 – LP demonstrates Technimount’s commitment to continuous improvement, as our team has the ability to bring innovation to very well-known solutions,” said Carl Bouchard, Founder, and CEO of Technimount System. “We are dedicated to working closely with the EMS industry towards providing innovative solutions that contribute to the advancement of healthcare professionals’ day-to-day practices”.