Technimount System is a Canadian company that incorporates engineering, manufacturing and commercialisation divisions dedicated to serving the healthcare industry.

We design, develop and manufacture innovative solutions with high-technology components for medical products, which we efficiently distribute via our direct sales channels and our vast distribution network.

Our leadership in providing exceptional safety and flexibility for healthcare professionals and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners has led to international recognition.

Technimount System's products set the standard for safe and reliable mounting solutions.
Our solutions have been consistently recognised by the EMS World Innovation Awards.
Our Technimount Engineering division adds value to the end-user, from concept to final product.
We offer mounting solutions to respond to the needs of emergency services and hospitals.
Our tailored solutions are developed in collaboration with major industry players.
Our Cardiatek is the most versatile mounting system for the Automated Impella Controller.
Our Neonatal Stretcher System is designed to safely transport medical devices in critical care settings.
The SafetyMD Transporter allows EMS providers to easily access their secured devices during patient transport.
Our TechniTab Assistant allows you to install tablets securely on stretchers during patient transport.
Our XtensionPro ECMO solution is designed to transport ECMO devices securely on stretchers.

We have been committed to healthcare since our founding and understand the industry’s daily challenges. Our engineering DNA manifests throughout our product lines, becoming problem solvers in equipment management for medical professionals.

Custom mounting solutions for healthcare applications

Technimount System’s experience working with some of the most renowned companies in the healthcare industry has led to international recognition as a leader in high-quality and flexible mounting solutions.

Our approach includes close collaboration with OEMs, emergency medical services (EMS) and healthcare organisations from the early stages of the developing process. All this combined with a true understanding of end-users’ practices and environments results in innovative products that bring value to practitioners.

Engineering services and product development

Technimount System’s engineering division, Technimount Engineering, is dedicated to transforming concepts into final products, ensuring their functionality adds value and improves the end-user experience.

Our specialised team of engineers supports and works closely with healthcare professionals, EMS organisations and medical device manufacturers throughout the product development and improvement processes to design innovative and effective solutions.

Whether you are looking to develop your next project or a specific application for new or current technology, you can rely on our team of experts.

Safe and flexible custom mounting solutions

Technimount System’s EMS division offers a wide range of mounting systems for portable medical devices, addressing the safety needs of patients and EMS providers during ground and air emergency and critical care transport.

Our highly flexible mounting solutions can be installed and transferred between the stretcher, surfaces, walls and floors in emergency vehicles, simplifying the configuration of working areas while improving medical device management.

As safety is at the core of our actions, our mounting systems are tested and designed to comply with the highest industry standards for the safe transportation of medical devices, including SAE J3043, FAA-FAR-DOT 27.561 and DOT 27.562.

Setting the standard in safe and flexible mounting solutions, our mounting system product line has grown to include specialised solutions for leading medical device brands and models. We are fully dedicated to responding to ever-evolving EMS needs, prioritising operational efficiency and safety.

International award-winning medical solutions

Technimount System has been recognised by the EMS industry as a leading provider of mounting systems. We have received, on more than one occasion, the highest accolade in the field, raising the standards for safe and flexible solutions.

We have won or been nominated for the EMS World Innovation Award for five consecutive years for the following products:

  • 2017 Winner: Xtension Pro – ECMO: designed to transport ECMO devices on a stretcher in a secure way.  Taking into consideration the protocols of use of ECMO devices, this mounting system provides safety for patients and clinicians during inter-hospital patient transport.
  • 2018 Finalist: Safety MD-Transporter: secures medical devices on the stretchers during air and ground EMS/Critical Care Transport. With 360° rotational access, it enables EMS providers to easily access their secured devices during patient transport, and provides an additional installation option inside emergency vehicles, maximizing the workspace environment.
  • 2019 Winner: Cardiatek: the only universal solution to mount the Automated Impella Controller (AIC) in different applications such as on surface, floor and wall systems. It is also designed to fit any ground and air ambulance configuration in North American and European markets.
  • 2020 Finalist: Techni-Tab Assistant: the first mounting system for tablets designed to be securely installed on the stretcher during patient transport.
  • 2021 Winner: Neonatal Stretcher System: designed to safely transport medical devices during neonatal inter-hospital transfers in critical care settings. These scalable systems allow neonatal critical care transport teams to configure their stretcher according to their protocols with the equipment they already have, ensuring optimization of resources and safety during patient transport.