Technimount EMS Holding (‘Technimount EMS’) is a Canadian company dedicated to serving the healthcare community with the highest quality products intended for the emergency medical services (EMS) industry. It continues its consolidation and accelerates its growth as a leader in the EMS by becoming the official and exclusive distributor of PAX, which provides professional emergency backpacks and bags that have distinguished themselves by their quality and modularity.

Technimount EMS is delighted to support and offer Canadian EMS professionals with top-quality products and configurations that better fit their needs. “We are pleased to collaborate with PAX to distribute their products in Canada. This cutting-edge designed brand is quickly becoming indispensable in the North American EMS sector and meets the strictest requirements for quality and adaptability. By including these products in our portfolio, we are broadening our offering and are confident they will undoubtedly live up to the expectations of our clients and business partners across Canada,” said Carl Bouchard, President, and CEO of Technimount System.

Technimount EMS Holding, a Québec City-based company, is delighted to exhibit the PAX-bags for the first time at the Paramedics Across Canada Expo 2022, which will take place at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, from 7–11 September.