Telemed - Design and Manufacturing Services for Ultrasound Scanners
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Design and Manufacturing Services for Ultrasound Beamformers and Software

Telemed designs and manufactures ultrasound scanners and imaging systems.

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Telemed designs and manufactures ultrasound scanners and imaging systems.

Ultrasound scanners and design, development and manufacturing

We provide contract development, design, and manufacturing services for ultrasound beamformers and software. This includes prototyping, acoustic and temperature measurements.

Telemed has more than 20 years of experience designing front-end, signal and image-processing circuits for medical ultrasound equipment.

We focus on portable PC-based beamformers, which can be connected using a USB2.0 interface. Our software development kit (SDK) allows easy and quick integration of beamformers into the client’s system.

Our design and production quality is ensured by certification that includes:

  • EN ISO 13485:2012+AC:2012
  • CE certificate of conformity for all end-user ultrasound scanners
  • FDA 510k approval for selected products
  • Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA)
  • Health Canada Medical device licence for selected products
  • Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS)

Pocket-sized USB-powered beamformers for ultrasound imaging systems

Our beamformers for B/W ultrasound scanners are pocket-sized USB-powered MicrUs with an easy-to-configure Echo Blaster 128. MicrUs is a new generation of ultra-compact beamformers and fanless devices, designed for pocket-sized and point of care ultrasound imaging systems.

This range of beamformers offer ultrasound screening in B, M and B/M modes, together with speckle reduction processing and spatial compound imaging. Various transducers can be connected and disconnected easily due to advanced probe recognition technology.

The device consumes 0.9A and can be powered by an external 5V power supply. It is available as a single-probe OEM board called MicrUs OEM-H, with the dimensions 10cmx10cmx1cm and weighing 0.2kg.

Echo Blaster 128 is a range of configurable beamformers designed for middle range ultrasound scanners. Features include a stackable board configuration, allowing the easy connection of standard linear or convex probes

Unique transrectal biplane probes, used for urology applications can also be connected.

The device is available in two versions:

  • Echo Blaster 128 OEM-1Z has one probe port and measures 14.5cmx20cmx5.5cm
  • Echo Blaster 128 INT-2Z has two probe ports, measuring 14.5cmx21.5cmx12.7cm

Single-board beamformer modules for medical ultrasound

Our range of beamformers for colour doppler scanners include LS 64, LS 128, ClarUs and SmartUs.

The LS64 beamformer is a single-board ultrasound module, designed for portable battery powered colour doppler scanners. It is compatible with B, M, CFM, PDI and PWD modes.

It is available in two versions:

  • LS64OEM-1T beamformer has a single probe port and measures 30cmx19cmx2cm
  • LS64OEM-2T has two probe ports and measures 30cmx15cmx2cm

The LS 64 can be matched with a battery board to extend its functionality.

Beamformers with spatial compound and tissue harmonic imaging modes

LS128 is the broadest range of Telemed beamformers, which includes five devices. In addition to B/W and doppler modes, LS128 provides B-steer, spatial compound imaging, trapezoid and tissue harmonic imaging modes.

Various modifications allow up to three probes to be connected at the same time.

The ClarUs range was developed as a modification of LS128, which is smaller with improved bandwidth, allowing the connection of high-frequency probes. ClarUs is also available as a single probe port version, ClarUs OEM-1M.

With a single-crystal sector transducer, high-frequency linear and convex transducers, SmartUs is the first system that can be used in cardiology and neurology. Other features include spatial compounding, harmonics, virtual convex and B-steer imaging.

SmartUs is capable of driving high-density and high-frequency transducers, delivering detailed, rich and high-dynamic range images.

In addition to B/W and doppler modes, continuous wave doppler (CWD) and iTHI modes are included in a standard package.

SmartUs is available in two versions. SmartUs OEM-1M has a single probe port and SmartUs OEM-3M has three probe ports, measuring 14cmx17.5cmx8cm.

Drivers, graphic user interface and speckle reduction software for ultrasound beamformers

A drivers package for OS Windows is offered for all ultrasound beamformers. Telemed also provides a free SDK for system developers and standard graphical user interface GUI EchoWave II.

Speckle reduction modules are a part of SDK, provided free of charge, and speckle filters can be optimised on request.


Dariaus ir Gireno 42