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Diagnostic Test Strips, Precision Components, Automated Systems, Medical Converting and Biosensor Manufacturing

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Auer Precision has maintained a long standing reputation for exceptional quality and execution on challenging projects. Our collaborative philosophy across all levels of customer interactions provides the basis for creativity, pragmatic design and custom product realization.

Auer provides precision parts and components, complex assemblies, class-A tooling and full contract manufacturing services. Customers benefit from highly responsive design, prototyping, product lifecycle management and easy access to critical information.

Auer Precision was founded in 1972 and has been an active member of SEMI, MEPTEC and other standards organizations. ISO9001:2000 certified, Auer continues to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction on superior services and products.


Auer Precision has been a leading provider of technical services, tooling and manufacturing support to the medical/diagnostic strip market since 1996. Cut quality, feature size and blood flow specifications of these products require Auer’s unique expertise in designing and manufacturing ultra-precise tooling and automated platforms. Today, Auer annually stamps 60-70 million parts of non-metallic product from materials such as mylar, polyester, solupor, and multi-layers with adhesive, all in a clean-room environment.

Auer Precision provides turn-key contract manufacturing solutions including the use of a 5,000ft2 clean room facility.
Auer Precision’s unique expertise in class-A tooling and non-metallic stamping is ideal for the production of diagnostic test strips.
Auer Precision provides automated platforms using Ballistic Press technology for the production of test strips and other products.

Through our vast experience and empirical knowledge, we believe the most robust capillary sensor stamping solutions require ballistic velocities for highest cut quality and minimum punch wear. We have combined our knowledge and resources into developing a unique automated process solution – the Ballistics Press™. Optimized to each application, the Ballistics Press platform is the best-in-breed solution for medical strip programs.

Our service offerings include the following:

  • Design
  • Application development and testing
  • Tooling
  • Lamination
  • Characterization
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Automation systems and sub-systems for punching and web handling with tension control


Auer Precision is an experienced manufacturer of medical components for non-invasive surgical devices and system-critical components for analytical equipment. Using a combination of technologies and methods, we are a value-added supplier providing engineering expertise and ultra-precision manufacturing capabilities.

Our product/service offerings include the following:

  • Machining
  • Precision grinding
  • Electro-polished surface textures
  • Stamped components
  • Assembled components


Auer Precision has been providing contract manufacturing services to strategic clients for over 20 years. As a value-added partner, we work diligently to provide excellent product support, SPC, production data and continuous improvement. Auer has been recognized by many customers for developing and implementing cost reduction initiatives that preserve product integrity.

As a contract manufacturer, Auer is a sole source provider of products and consumables to several Fortune 100 companies and many Fortune 2000 companies. Examples of Auer’s contract manufacturing include the following areas of expertise:

  • Clean room stamping
  • Lamination and medical components
  • High precision diagnostic equipment components (mass spectrometers)
  • Medical strip manufacture
  • High and ultra precision component manufacture
  • Sub-system assembly
  • Tool management

Press Releases

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    Auer Precision is pleased to announce the opening of its microfluidics application laboratory, a unique offering of technology and expertise to assist clients in the medical and life sciences industry with product development, prototyping and process optimization. Microfluidic devices

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