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Auer Precision Opens New Microfluidics Application Laboratory

Auer Precision is pleased to announce the opening of its microfluidics application laboratory, a unique offering of technology and expertise to assist clients in the medical and life sciences industry with product development, prototyping and process optimization.

Microfluidic devices are widely used for diagnostics, biological sampling, cell counting and other diverse needs. In each case, capillary or controlled laminar flow is critical for fluid delivery, reagent mixing and device accuracy. Auer’s high velocity (ballistic) press technology and class A tooling, used to produce parts with exceptional cut quality and low burr generation at high processing speeds, is the preferred manufacturing method for these types of devices.

Today, Auer offers developers a low-cost platform for the design and testing of new products utilizing production-ready methodologies. The microfluidics application lab provides device and test strip developers access to Auer Precision’s in-house manufacturing assets, including Ballistic Press™ technology, laser cutting, lamination, programmable X-Y CNC centers, class A tooling, data capture, and inspection systems, as well as our highly experienced process engineering resources. This allows for highly effective collaboration and focus on core competencies.

Manufacturability for lowest cost and highest performance helps differentiate successful from lesser product development efforts. Auer’s Master Die™ concept and state-of-the-art EDM technology allows for quick turn-around, low cost, near-production quality prototypes at industry leading metrics and time to market. By offering a combination of technologies and engineering services, Auer can assist clients in bringing their product to market faster and better.

With over 30 years of experience and half a billion stamped or die cut polyester, polycarbonate and multi-layer adhesive components produced, Auer Precision is a premier supplier of ultra-precise parts, tooling and automated systems. From tool design to full contract manufacturing services, come see how Auer Precision can benefit your organization.

The Auer Precision microfluidics application lab is the optimal place to develop your biomed device from concept to product realization. Call us, email us or visit our website to save your organization time and money.