Another Continuous-Motion machine from Contexo is currently leaving the plant and will be in continuous use within a few days. Needle shields are urgently needed. Market demand is rising rapidly. Contexo has set itself the task of providing the medical sector with fast and reliable solutions here. The basis for this is years of experience with these systems. Large, well-known pharmaceutical companies are ordering new machines at short intervals to ensure supply of the increased demand. A key factor in the industry.

Contexo has developed a standard platform on the basis of which assembly machines for rigid or soft needle shields can be built in a short time. The core is the continuous motion technology, which assembles and crimps with two central towers. The system is thus able to supply high quantities with stable, reliable processes. Since crimping of the needle shields is a critical factor, this process must nevertheless meet the highest requirements.

Therefore, the machine was designed in such a way, that each temperature value can be set individually in the thermoforming tower. Of course, this is constantly monitored. Quality control is 100% inline by vision inspection: 3 cameras take care of the different tests. At the end of the process, all product-relevant features are checked again by means of open and transmitted light control and separated into good and bad parts.

The machine concept is designed for long-term use: robust from the ground up. This ensures low maintenance and a long service life. The machine components are made of stainless steel and have been encapsulated to ensure hygienic, cleanroom production. All surfaces are easy to clean and easily accessible.

In addition to the minimum footprint, the flexibility of the system is also crucial. It can easily be adjusted to new requirements, and any necessary adaptions to different products can be made flexibly. In addition to the reliable technology, Contexo convinces with its short project times.

“Contexo is well prepared and provides its complete range of experience to companies”, stated Matthias Müller, CEO of Contexo “we are in the starting blocks and our products are ready for use in a very short time.” Manufacturers benefit from the short-term, professional implementation and are therefore able to market and supply their products quickly.