Contexo specialises in building high-performance medical device assembly machines characterised by technical perfection, high efficiency and versatility. We can integrate up to 65 production stages in one system, including assembly, imprinting, joining, gluing, welding and lasering.

Contexo offers everything from one source. Whether primary packaging, child-resistant closures, needle shields, sample containers, cartridges, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test assembly or other diagnostic articles, we can provide assembly solutions for various medical devices.

Smart machines for medical device assembly

Intelligent medical products are a growth driver in medical technology. But since these products are more complex to manufacture, medical-technology companies must overcome serious production challenges. Contexo has the necessary technical-solution expertise and can subsequently define the right production process.

Ideas for new products and concepts are developed in close cooperation with clients. We offer solutions, analysis, experimentation, and rethinking.

Contexo can integrate up to 65 production stages in one system.
We develop ideas for new products and concepts in close cooperation with clients.
Contexo integrates all relevant laser applications for its plastic production.
We offer comprehensive machine solutions for primary packaging.
We design and build complex minilabs for diagnosing infectious diseases.

Space-saving machine concepts mean minimal costs. When manufacturing in cleanroom conditions, it is essential to produce cost-effectively as possible while conforming to the relevant regulations.

High-speed laser assembly capabilities

Modern laser technology is expanding into ever more areas as its capabilities grow. To exploit its potential to the full, Contexo integrates all required laser applications for our plastics, taking the entire value-added chain into account.

The integration of laser processes enables fast and cost-effective manufacture with consistent results and constantly high quality. Since laser operations are contactless, their processes are vibration-free and allow a high degree of geometric freedom.

In addition to extraordinary precision and short cycle times, high flexibility is another decisive factor when selecting the right processes. Lasers supplement the fast, uniform and part-protective movement of materials in high-speed automation. The parts are presented to the laser in precisely repeated operations, ensuring the highest possible quality.

Machines for mass assembly of diagnostic medical devices

Contexo is highly experienced in ready-to-use diagnostic products and can manufacture up to 60,000 parts an hour. Whether you need 800,000 diagnostic kits or 1.2 million insulin doses a day, we design and build cleanroom machines for complex medical devices in high quantities.

We design and build complex minilabs for diagnosing infectious diseases. For medical device assembly, production takes place in cleanroom conditions and in accordance with international regulations.

Our cleanroom machines conform to the EN ISO 14644 standard, ISO/7 10,000 and the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Machines for primary packaging solutions

Contexo offers comprehensive machine solutions for primary packaging such as child-resistant closures, screw caps with desiccant, rigid and soft needle shields, rubber-lining insulin doses and many other sterile primary-packaging elements for bottles, plastic containers, and pouches.

We use highly efficient mechanical systems with standardised modules for assembly, sealing, stamping, welding and inspection. Lasers and other process steps can be flexibly integrated. Precise process steps and controls ensure that all medical devices meet stringent requirements.

This means that one machine concept can be operated efficiently over the long term, even in the event of product modifications or additions.

Complete good practice compliance

In the medical industry, qualification is obligatory. Contexo offers up-to-date and comprehensive good manufacturing practice (GMP) compliance both when building our own production machines and as a service provided to other companies.

GMP qualifications for production, assembly or quality-control processes require the creation of an expanded GMP-compliance qualification document. Contexo can provide various solutions in accordance with current international standards.

We also offer a complete GMP package that covers design, installation, operation and performance qualification, with log generation, test execution and documentation of results.

About Contexo

Contexo produces components for the home and beauty, food and beverage and consumer goods industries, as well as medical device markets. The company was founded by Karl Müller and has been led by his three sons since 2011.

Based near Stuttgart, Germany, we deliver machines worldwide and currently have special service centres for South America and southern Europe.