Flexible machine concepts with full laser integration

Modern laser technology is expanding into ever more areas. Its capabilities are growing. To exploit its potential to the full, Contexo integrates all laser applications for any required plastics, thereby taking the entire value-added chain into account.

Contexo even offers support during product development. Included early on, valuable know-how can accelerate the development process, generate solutions and, last but not least, help to ensure efficient production.

The integration of laser processes enables fast and costeffective manufacture with consistent results and consistently high quality. Because laser operations are contactless, their processes are vibration-free and permit a high degree of geometric freedom. In addition to extraordinary precision and short cycle times, highflexibility – e.g. for product variants – is another decisive factor when selecting the right processes. Lasers supplement the fast, uniform and part-protective movement of materials in high-speed automation. The parts are presented to the laser in precisely repeated operations; this ensures the highest possible quality.

Both the solid and durable design principle of Contexo systems and the laser technology’s fine process control ensure safe, clean and reliable production.

Contexo possesses comprehensive knowledge of laser integration and assembly technology. A good development partner should play a central role by offering professional project management every step of the way.

Full laser integration – flexible and precise processes

Laser welding

Laser plastic welding proves its worth when heavy demands are placed on welding and process reliability. Contexo uses a variety of methods to ensure particle-free processes and safe, hygienic production:

  • Simultaneous
  • Quasi-simultaneous
  • Rotational
  • Contour
  • Mask

Movement of both the source and product are possible for all methods.

Example applications: For high-strength and tight connections, small and smallest components, tamper resistance – e.g. in medical technology – seals, channels.

Laser cutting

Laser technology is used to cut plastics in a highly energy-efficient manner and with exact edges. The parts can be processed flexibly, precisely and wear-free. The process remains clean thanks to efficient exhaust-air cleaning.

  • Fusion cutting
  • Sublimation cutting

Example applications: For high edge quality, very thin materials, fragile and heat sensitive parts, TE functions, predetermined breaking points.

Laser drilling

Micro-holes in plastics for the food industry, nozzle openings in the micro-meter range – even innovative laser technologies can be efficiently integrated. High reproducibility with narrow tolerance limits is guaranteed.

  • Single pulse
  • Percussion
  • 5-axis trepanning

Example applications: For TE functions, predetermined breaking points, micro nozzles and diffusers.

Laser marking

Laser marking in particular has developed into one of the most important marking methods. Thanks to constant development, plastics can now be marked, engraved or modified by laser. Permanent legibility and high-quality laser marking are guaranteed.

  • Foaming
  • Color changes
  • Engraving
  • Removal

Example applications: Data matrix, UDI coding, track & trace, functional explanations, technical prints, mass customization.

Your advantages at a glance

  • High-speed automation
    Decades of experience in building high-speed assembly machines means Contexo can safely and easily integrate modern laser technologies. And the entire process is taken into account: Sorting, feeding, testing, packaging
  • All laser processes can be integrated
    Contexo is your process developer when it comes to choosing the right laser technology. With access to all relevant laser manufacturers and laser technologies, we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your machine.
  • Cost-effective turnkey concepts
    Based on the modular platform system, Contexo develops customized assembly solutions for your products, with an expert eye focussed on efficiency and profitability.
  • Engineering and project management
    At Contexo, you get everything from a single source: development, design, reliable manufacturing and professional project management. And should you need more: Contract manufacturing from Contexo even takes over production for you!