Manufacture quickly and cost-effectively with Contexo

“From development to across the finishing line – everything from a single source,” is how Contexo CEO Matthias Müller describes their service. Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) developments taken reliably and quickly to mass production.

Intelligent medical products – small and smart – are a growth driver in medical technology. Miniaturized sensor technology creates completely new opportunities
for product development: Not only can a patient’s health and a medical device’s condition be assessed, patient-specific adaptations are also possible. Progress along the path to personalized medicine is advancing in leaps and bounds. Developers can now create new markets with genuine product innovations or expand their share in familiar market sectors.

The entire value chain in view

However, since smart medical devices are several times more complex to manufacture, medical-technology companies have to overcome serious production challenges. New products can only establish themselves on the market in the long term if they can be manufactured economically, safely and in consistently high quality. The goals are clear: To reduce the time to market, secure a competitive edge and manufacture products profitably. Therefore, the entire value chain must be considered right from the start. By taking a holistic view, energy expended can be minimized and implementation accelerated.

Contexo has the necessary technical-solution expertise and can thus define the right production process. Developers benefit from our know-how; there’s no need to laboriously retrieve information from diverse sources. Instead of having to deal with a large number of contacts and organize everything, Contexo coordinates it all: From defining the processes to selecting the right manufacturers and components.
Contexo has years of experience in the field of innovative medical technology. For example, we successfully implemented the most complex minilab (point-of-care testing) for the diagnosis of infectious diseases years ago: A milestone in molecular medical technology. We’ve accumulated invaluable knowledge on technical feasibility and production implementation over the years, and continuously develop it.

Support during product development

The key question for new, innovative products is: How can the product be manufactured at an industrial scale? To analyze feasibility, the medical device is first examined under the microscope: Product-design data, drawings, 3D data or mock-ups are evaluated. Contexo specialists identify potential manufacturing processes and examine the interaction of the individual steps as well as the whole process and its interconnections. In test setups, the selected processes are tested for proof of principle (PoP) using a systematic design of experiment (DoE) with suitable components and suppliers. The PoP evaluation includes the product, the processes and the generated data or quality assurance.
With a practiced eye for details, the team also has a feel for where there is still potential for optimization. The next step is the creation of a production concept with integrated quality assurance, secured by unique device identification (UDI), process data evaluation and track & trace concepts. In the final step, the plant is checked against GMP guidelines.

“In addition to our knowledge in materials science, mold and plant construction, our many years of experience also come into play here,” says Matthias Müller. “We have worked with countless innovative medical devices, so you get a sense for how a product should look and where it can be further optimized.”
Customers can therefore be sure of reliable processing. After all, a plant is a major investment; it must be ensured that the product, the process and the production equipment will work. This is what Contexo delivers.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reduced time to market
    Extensive know-how and access to all relevant manufacturers ensures solutions are found quickly and risks minimized.
  • Development partnership
    Cooperation begins at an early stage of development to help ensure a holistic concept for your plant.
  • E-health innovation support
    Extensive experience in implementing and networking IoMT developments and smart medical devices. Full process development and evaluation.
  • Customized solutions
    Individual system concepts are developed based on the modular machine platform and by integrating future-proof technologies.

Contexo support for product development

Contexo process: A systematic approach enables faster progress and the development of solutions. Optimization loops after each stage allow for rapid adjustments and ensure goal-oriented implementation.

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