Contexo is currently building a linear-indexing machine with a toothed belt-drive for infusion caps. It is the 23rd machine for a client who wants to update his production processes to the latest technologies. And although the challenges have again been taken to the edge of the possible – even smaller footprint, even higher output – Contexo has succeeded again. The task was demanding: Integrating stamp- and hot-seal process steps in the ISO 7/10,000 (acc. to EN ISO 14644) clean-room class.

The entire production process is 100.00% monitored. After all, zero defects is a requirement: every end product must be entirely free of faults. The first control check occurs immediately after feeding in the infusion caps.

A 70my, strong aluminum foil is used for the seal. It is stamped on two lanes, conveyed and hot sealed onto the cap. At another control station, a camera checks the hermetic seal and discards any defective products. This ensures only perfect articles make it to the consumer.

Now that the linear-indexing machine has been successfully installed, it is today producing 74 Mio. p.a. infusion caps, fully automated. In concrete terms, this represents an increase in output of 30%! And, because the footprint was reduced, the client enjoys significantly lower costs. “The new machine has proved itself a complete success,” reported the client. Orders for new machines promptly followed.