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Electron Beam Welding, Laser Welding, Laser Marking, Laser Engraving and Citric Passivation Services

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CS Industries is a full-service job shop that provides precision electron beam welding (EBW), laser beam welding (LBW), laser marking and laser engraving services, along with citric passivation (ASTM A 967), to many industries. CS Industries services the medical instrument, medical components, automotive, firearms and defense industries along with many other manufacturers.

At CS Industries, we can guarantee customer satisfaction and outstanding quality, which is supported by our ‘just-in-time’ delivery service. Our engraving and welding technicians will work with you from prototype to production to ensure the right application is implemented into your design. We have the capability to offer prototypes, short runs and large-volume runs.

Electron beam welding / laser welding of medical components

With our unique services we can provide precision welding and fabricating on a variety of parts such as medical / surgical components, automotive parts, sensors and firearms. Electron beam welding / laser welding are a major part of many industries due to the accuracy and repeatability they offer. With our certified technicians and the latest technology in our welding department, we can weld the most intricate parts with ease.

Advantages of electron beam welding / laser beam welding

Electron beam welding and laser beam welding offer many advantages, including:

Laser marking and electron beam welding.
Electron beam welding medical instruments.
Laser marking depth bands on medical instruments.
Laser welding medical instruments.
Laser marking scale on medical instruments.
  • Welds parts with virtually no distortion
  • Capable of full penetration welds in a single pass
  • Welds with zero contamination since the part being welded is in vacuum (EBW)
  • Typically the weld puddle is one twenty-fifth the volume of a TIG weld profile
  • Weld fusion zone is much narrower than any other fusion process available
  • A single machine can weld thin to thin, thick to thick and thin to thick material combinations
  • Can weld similar and dissimilar materials (dissimilar metals must be able to alloy together in their molten state)
  • Beam parameters are very precisely controllable and repeatable to provide high process consistency

Laser marking and engraving of surgical components

Laser marking and engraving is a cost-effective way to enhance your product with custom logos, barcodes, calibrated scales, serialization or product identification. The industries that require these services are rapidly growing. Our state-of-the-art laser marking systems with four-axis capabilities allow us to laser mark many products, from cylindrical marking of calibrated bands on surgical components to laser engraving automotive parts with ease.

Laser marking can produce permanent images without compromising component integrity. CS Industries can achieve a dark contrast mark by annealing the surface on many metals or provide a deep engrave up to several thousands of an inch deep. We also get exceptional results on anodized parts. Laser marking and engraving has become extremely important to the industry due to the repeatability and accuracy it can achieve. CS Industries has the capabilities to laser mark on flat and cylindrical surfaces along with irregular shape parts.

Advantages of laser marking

Laser marking also offers numerous advantages in the manufacture of medical and surgical components. These include:

  • Angular / radial text
  • Mirror imaging
  • True type fonts
  • Logos / graphics
  • Bar codes
  • Traceability
  • Parts identification
  • Alpha-numeric serialization
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Date codes / lot codes
  • Large part capabilities

Citric passivation

CS Industries performs citric passivation in accordance with ASTM A967-05 (standard specification for chemical passivation treatments for stainless-steel parts) and AMS 2700 guidelines. This enables our customers to have their parts assembled, EB welded, laser marked and passivated in one facility. CS Industries not only has the advantage over our competitors; we also shorten our customers’ lead-time and reduce their cost. Citric acid passivation has been proven to be equal to or superior to nitric acid passivation.

Citric acid passivation provides maximum protection by providing:

  • Improved removal of free iron from the surface
  • Faster removal of free iron from the surface
  • Low hazard chemistry
  • Environmentally safe chemistry
  • Passivated surfaces that pass all salt spray, immersion and high humidity tests

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