Laser marking offers a fast and accurate means to mark and engrave on a multitude of substrates, including a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (coated and polished), plastics and numerous organic materials. Any combination of symbols, logos and characters can be marked accurately providing a permanent mark which is environmentally friendly.

Our laser marking process provides a fast and accurate means to mark with great versatility for different types of applications. This non-contact, sterile process requires no mechanical support for applications such as micromachining and small parts marking.

Laser marking is used for many applications such as product identification and verification, logos, graphics, traceability, serialization, date codes, lot codes, part numbers, schematics, expiration dates, data matrix and barcodes. The depth of the marking can vary from a surface mark, to simple paint removal and ablation to deep engraving. Marks can be made on flat and cylindrical surfaces, as well as parts with varying heights and shapes. We can laser mark directly on the part with multiple lines of alpha-numeric characters, text and logos, as well as completely around a 360° circumference. Some common applications include marking on cutting tools and drill bits, surgical instruments, medical screws and implants, bearings, knives and cutlery, firearms, and automotive, military and aerospace parts.