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Emerson Automation Solutions

Medical Device Manufacturing Solutions

Meridian East,
Meridian Business Park,
Leicester, LE19 1UX,
United Kingdom

Emerson Automation Solutions delivers medical device manufacturing solutions to improve end-product quality and reliability, as well as reduce operating costs.

The company strives to help clients create dependable products that help people live healthier lives. It utilises its automation experience and innovative technologies to address manufacturing challenges while complying with current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) guidelines.

Emerson’s robust medical solutions and industry experience helps provide a competitive advantage to medical device companies, and provides support in a wide range of product development processes, including regulatory compliance.

Branson welding technology for medical device assembly

Emerson’s dedicated and hands-on team of experts provide medical assembly, cleaning and processing solutions that help companies meet changing industry trends. Each technology is customised to meet client requirements and provide support from prototype to finished product.

The company’s Branson welding technology is used to manufacture consumables, filters, analytical and drug delivery devices, and surgical instruments. They are used in medical textiles and filters for dialysis, syringes and blood product processing, as well as robotic and general surgical instruments for performing minimally invasive procedures and more traditional surgery.

Welding technology is also used in the manufacture of wound care dressings and disposable garments. Medical device manufacturers trust Emerson’s highly skilled staff and high-quality welding processes, which meet US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Part 11 regulatory standards.

Laser plastic welding solutions for medical device processing

Emerson’s Branson laser plastic welding technology helps create strong, pliable bonds for joining thermoplastic parts along flat seams, replacing the need for needle and thread or glue. This provides manufacturers with the precision and sensitivity required to produce sensors that read and transmit information from the body remotely.

Laser plastic welding solutions can be used in microfluidics for wearable, continuous glucose monitoring devices; genetic analysis; and drug and disease screening devices; as well as the manufacture of products such as insulin pens, pumps, patches, and inhalation and intravenous devices.

Medical device cleaning and processing

Emerson is experienced in precision cleaning and modification of the surface properties of orthopaedic and surgical equipment, a key step in delivering devices to the market. Its knowledge in cleaning processes helps clients meet the regulatory requirements of the medical device industry for a wide range of applications. For example, Emerson addresses the challenges associated with medical implants, which are made from a variety of materials, in a wide range of shapes and are finished with different surface textures.

The company works closely with customers to identify a tailored process for cleaning surgical instruments such as biopsy needles, coated consumables and cranial drills that reduces the risk of contamination. These tools have grown increasingly more complex, constructed with delicate materials in shapes that make their surfaces challenging to reach. Emerson offers ultrasonic cleaning options that include a solvent process with vapour degreasing and a water-based aqueous process.

Emerson Acquires HTE Engineering Services

Emerson has announced it has acquired Ireland-based HTE Engineering Services, which will join the Assembly Technologies business within Emerson’s Automation Solutions platform.

Emerson Automation Solutions

Meridian East

Meridian Business Park

Leicester, LE19 1UX

United Kingdom

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