ASCO solenoid-operated miniature valves and associated manifolds from Emerson are fast becoming the preferred fluid automation choice of original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

ASCO isolation valves and manifolds provide precise repeatability, small internal volumes, low pumping effects, and exceptional life expectancy. Emerson takes great care in understanding its customers’ needs and challenges to provide them with a value-added total solution.

The company’s total solutions control the flow of neutral and aggressive fluids, such as blood and harsh chemicals, for applications ranging from clinical/medical diagnostics to state-of-the-art dental chairs.

Emerson provides advanced and customised total solutions for today’s high-tech equipment including the following:

  • Liquid chromatographs
  • Haematology analysers
  • Fraction collectors
  • Automated pipettes
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Gas chromatographs
  • Chemical analysers
  • Immunoassay devices
  • Blood gas detectors
  • DNA analysers